My Cloud Booking Engine

RoomCloud Booking engine is an On-line reservation software which eliminates the cost of the middleman and maximise the number of direct reservations.

How many hits does your website get? A high percentage of the people that visit your official website have booked rooms via distribution channels and on-line sales. If they could have booked directly from your website you could have saved the commissions you pay for each reservation.

Being immediately ready is one of the main prerequisites for on-line sales. Having a website full of lovely pictures and useful information but missing the ability to instantly sell when the buyer has decided to purchase, is like having a shop with lovely items for sale in the window which is always closed, you can look but not buy.

A tool which, once installed, will let you activate a real on-line booking service via your official website without having to pay commissions, without restrictions and automatically managed..

The results are increased direct bookings with an improved cash flow for the hotel. The annual fee includes the setup and the assistance.