Reservation from Facebook

hotel reservation from facebook RoomCloud has developed an application for Facebook that allows your customers to enter the booking the accommodation directly from the Facebook page.
In this way you extend the channels in which you can receive direct bookings decreasing costs of commission to be paid to the portals.
On your Facebook page, among other applications, will be positioned the button connected to RoomCloud Booking Engine where your facebook friends can make a reservation directly at your Hotel. On A convenient system to retain even more your circle of friends, and having new ones.

The Facebook integration is added to other forms of direct bookings, excluding the transition from portals.
This is a service that RoomCloud offers free to its customers.

Use the full potential of Facebook!

A more in-depth with some suggestions important to use the most of your Facebook page.
  • Put the Facebook button on the official website
  • Also allow online bookings from facebook page
  • Announce landing on the social and informed through a newsletter of your presenzza
Through the posts and status updates you will need to retain existing users acquired and especially leverage their social connections to bring more and more people to become fans of the page.
After you publish the link to the offers and the classic photo of the hotel, you have to continue and maintain the page.

Mentions and reviews
  • linked the positive reviews of TripAdvisor.
  • Publish photos or links to mentions of the Hotel in magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs.
  • Invite fans to leave reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc.., this must be done in a discreet, natural and appealing.
  • ask fans to express their views on matters relating to the Hotel.
    For example, you can ask their opinion on a new course to be offered in the menu.
  • linked promotions to offers on the Web site
  • Propose specific and exclusive offers to those who follow you on Facebook, perhaps through app integrated into the fan page.
  • Generate coupons to offer special discounts.
  • Invite users to share their impressions or leave a review on the Facebook page.
  • Take surveys, will encourage engagement and are highly valued users.
  • Take surveys with a Photo Album: the album title will be the survey question, the 3 photos are the possible answers, to express a preference just put "Like" the corresponding photo.
  • ask fans to post on your wall photos of their holidays.
  • Keep a calendar of major holidays, domestic and foreign, and then publish content to the theme and of course the card (you can verify by which nations come Insights from your fans).
  • Fill in the blank. A classic post that generates engagement is what kind of "Under the umbrella I can not give a ______." Facebook ensures that this kind of post guarantees 90% more of interactions.
  • Keep your fans informed on important facts about your location. Example, you can link to post local newspapers or share the results of the local football team.
Useful Content and Information
  • Interesting events that will take place in the surrounding areas (concerts, fairs, festivals, fairs ...)
  • Do one or more post to inform fans of all other social profiles (Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc..)
  • Recommended
  • other sites and useful services, post links to other pages or sites (of course they are not direct competitors) can be helpful. You may link to sites or Facebook pages of restaurants, shops, clubs, museums, attractions, amusement parks etc..
  • Please post
  • unreleased material as small guides, tips for tourists.
  • Recommended
  • of the special recipes of your chef and typical of the region.
  • Publish ../images containing useful information. For example, as Instaweather app allow you to take pictures that show the name of the locality and the weather.
Other ../images and content
  • Enter a Milestone (milestone symbolizing the achievement of an important objective) with a custom graphic to thank the fans when you reach a certain number of "followers".
  • For
  • Hotel an inevitable Photo Contest, will serve to increase the engagement, stimulate positive opinions and above all to increase the number of fans. In addition to this, you'll get plenty of ../images that you can reuse (obviously quoting the author of the photo).
  • Photo of festivals and events held at the hotel, where guests can be tagged prior consent.
  • Encourage fans to post their photos on your Timeline.
  • Publish a photo taken with the guests in the hotel (always subject to consent) by connecting the offer or who have booked package.
  • To change the type of content published also video, the important thing is that are not too long. Videos can also be recorded with the smartphone, uploaded to YouTube and then shared on Facebook.
A Look Inside
  • Be Human, the Facebook page is also the place to show who is on the staff. this is a way to build customer loyalty and lead to a real engagement.
  • Inform fans of the new regarding Hotels (renovations, new services, new dishes on the menu).
  • Please post on Facebook
  • jobs of your hotel and encouraged fans to share it on their wall.
Remember that business pages is to follow the rule of 20/80 in the publication of content. This means that you advisable to publish 20% of posts that have a direct promotion of your hotel, while the remaining 80% of the posts should be useful content and post entertaining the fans.