Use all GDS with RoomCloud

Work with ALL GDS, do not limit yourself to one or two channels. Roomcloud, thanks to our collaboration with Sabre, offers direct access to all GDS services. We take care of the technical details, pricing, images, descriptions, and constantly test the marketability.

Setup and Support

Roomcloud offers speedy and effective assistance for the management of technical details, pricing , images, descriptions, and availability to optimize sales opportunities.

Consortia, RFP (Request For Proposal), Negotiated Rates

RoomCloud select the most suitable combination of financial institutions for your business to increase demand in proposals and increase revenue from the corporate segment.

Marketing GDS

Where there is an advantageous cost-benefit ratio, RoomCloud is able to suggest the activation of a specific marketing campaign and feeder reference market on a GDS channel.

Management Agency Commissions

The hotel receives a single statement which also includes the commissions to agencies, then having to manage a single payment system only.

GDS Interfaces with RoomCloud

RoomCloud offers the ability to manage the GDS distribution through its Channel Management Distribution System.

What is a GDS?

The Global Distribution System, better known as GDS, is a computer system created to manage reservations and purchase of airline tickets, becoming the leading ticketing tool for travel agents. Over the years it has been extended to all other sectors of the Travel Business, including the car rentals, train tickets, cruises and of course the accommodation structures. The existing GDS are: Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan and the switch Pegasus.

What is a GDS switch?

With the increased interest and demand on the part of the first hotel chains and individual hotels, it has been necessary to adapt the systems to enable each hotel to directly manage their own product.
This is how the switches came about by being directly interfaced with the GDS systems to provide real-time and ever increasing amount of information like availability, pictures/graphics, maps, services, etc.

Why choose a GDS switch?

The GDS channels are operational for half a century (Sabre already existed in the early '60s) and, despite the growth of OTA's, they retained primacy in corporate bookings. All the multinationals and most large and medium-sized businesses are turning to traditional travel agencies connected to GDS.
It is important to note when a reservation does not come to a hotel it is because they do not use one of the GDS switches, it will not arrive from another channel, but it will be redirected on to another hotel using a GDS.