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Improve the visibility of your Hotel

Increase the Online Sales

RoomCloud offer you a variety of solutions to answer to your revenue needs. As consulting company for online sales in travel for several years, RoomCloud is be able to offer dedicated consultants to drive you to a successful online marketing strategy.

Our experts will identify the best strategy and the most suitable tools required to help boost your hotel sales over a fixed period. We provide direct training to your hotel staff to be able to work independently in maintaining your online presence.


Allow your customers to book online directly from the hotel’s own website, in a few clicks and without intermediaries.

The Booking Engine package by RoomCloud includes:

- Installation of the booking engine on your website
- Configuration of Extranet from which you can manage and rate plans, offers, availability and reservations
- Customized training with one of our consultants


Synchronize all the OTAs (online channels) on RoomCloud’s unified system, and update availability and prices on the web 24/7.

The Distribution Manager package by RoomCloud includes:

- Channel Connections used by the hotel (more than 300 integrated portals)
- Mapping of rooms and rates
- Customized training with one of our consultants


Sell your hotel directly on our GDS partners, get access to a global network with a solid business model, increase your visibility and your earnings.

The GDS package by RoomCloud includes:

- Sending full quote ( annual fee and commission plan)
- Connection to Sabre GDS
- Customized training


Join our Advertiser campaigns and increase your visibility to online public.

The ADV package by RoomCloud includes:

- Definition of the target, keywords and the most appropriate channels to achieve the objectives fixed
- Drafting of the announcement and publication on the selected channel
- Monitoring the results and traffic on the hotel website


Get found by your potential customers immediately, start a SEO campaign and improve indexing and ranking of your hotel online.

The SEO package by RoomCloud includes:

- Initial analysis of the traffic on your site
- Optimization of site content with keywords more closely the research of online users
- final analysis of the flow on the site and the progress in the rankings with relevant statistics and graphs


To increase your visibility, your best business card is a site dedicated to your hotel, modern, graphically appealing and, above all, mobile friendly.

The Mobile Friendly package by RoomCloud includes:

- Analysis of the old site and designing a new one
- Site creation with the use of keywords,rich text content, recent photos,modern and sophisticated graphics
- Training aimed to basic skills about addition or reduction of the content on web pages


The customer loyalty is a continuous work in progress. After offering him a fabulous stay at your facility, the goal is to get him back! Update your costumers about news and discounts by email.

The Newsletter package by RoomCloud includes:

- Analysis of the volume of your emailing list
- Configuration of the best Newsletter service suited to your needs
- Training on the use of the program, content and frequency of emailing campaigns


Increase the chances of receiving reservations by opening your business to the booking on the most visited channels by users finding hotel accommodation. Google Hpa, TripAdvisor Instant Booking or Trip Connect, Facebook Ads, select the channel you prefer, our team will take care of the connection and improvement of your performance.

The Metasearch Connection package by RoomCloud includes:

- Presentation of the various opportunities for the channel from one of our consultants
- Definition of the channel and the best strategy
- Connection to the selected metasearch


Most hotels are online and they are working with the same channel partners, so they need a way to implement the most effective pricing strategy and improve the sales of their property.

The Revenue package by RoomCloud includes:

- Creation of revenue rules to automatically implement yield strategies
- Price suggestions with the help of "Price Genius"
- Management of buckets and hot dates
- Detailed statistics such as booking pickup, adr, total revenue


Social networks represent, nowadays, one of the most effective alternatives through which to know about your business. The Roomcloud experts will make your social profiles a powerful weapon with which gain additional customers.

The Social Media package by RoomCloud includes:

Analysis of the content and posts of the existing social profiles
- Creation of new social profiles for your business, if non-existent
- Training on the management of a hotel profile, frequency and content of the post, twit, tags