Our integrated PMS and RMS

Ericsoft offers Hotel Property Management Software and Restaurant POS systems to simplify your managerial activities Since 1995 we have been employing only professionals with strong computer skills and proven experience in the hotel industry. Our software solutions are designed to manage accommodation and dining facilities in cloud or on your server
Perform Ip
Perform Ip is your daily Revenue Management Tool/ software that will enable you to develop a Dynamic pricing strategy, increasing you daily income at low cost and in a very efficient way.
Our implementation process will be done by Revenue Managers, going to the extra mile until they make sure you are 100% confident with the tool. We also provide Training, premium assistance and consultancy.
ENGISOFT es fabricante de software para el sector hotelero y turístico con más de 25 años de experiencia. Más de 500 hoteles utilizan nuestros productos. Nuestro software abarca todos los departamentos de un hotel: PMS y la gestión de reservas hasta el restaurante, almacén, Business Inteligence, y Channel Manager.
Gestionale per alberghi, case vacanza, country houses.
Gestionale per ristoranti comprensivo di app android per gli ordini al tavolo.
Channel manager per la gestione di tutti i vostri portali web (Booking.com, Expedia, HRS).
cqrHOTEL ERP Hotelero, potente PMS, módulos totalmente integrados en todas las funciones del Front y el Back Office, escalable, fácil, robusto, soporte técnico 24 x 7. Se adapta a las necesidades de su negocio. cqrHOTEL Hotelero ERP, PMS powerful, fully integrated into all functions of the Front and Back Office, scalable, easy, robust modules, support 24 x 7. It fits the needs of your business.
WinksHotel PMS
Two ways fully integrated PMS
  • Load your bookings AUTOMATICALLY on Winkshotel.
  • Synchronize and maximize your online availability
  • Update all your rates easily
As a hotel industry provider, you know how hard it is to boost profits while giving customers a personalized guest experience. You need industry-specific solutions that provide you with what you need, when you need it-whether you work at a large global company, smaller chain, or independent hotel.
Protel hotel management systems are cost-effective tools that enable central collecting, integrating and multiple utilizing of data, providing all areas of operation in the hotel with the needed information at the push of a button.
We provide multinational technology along with «Made in Italy» service. Collaborating with Tourism Industry Protagonists on a fair and crystal-clear business relationship.
Hit Software
Hit Software is the main tourism software operator in Greece, counting mare than 1000 customers in a market made by about 6000 hospitality structures
Resident Pro
The complete software package for hoteliers to book rooms, restaurant tables, and manage the hotel, in a nutshell. Independently designed for small to medium size hotels, Resident Pro is professional, well established, software for hotels - highly customisable to your business.
HOTEL2000 Evolution is absolutely the most powerful and versatile software tool in the market, for the management of any modern reality of the hospitality industry, both small and large. The simplicity of the graphics and the immediacy of the answers, make the hotel 2000 software easy to learn and to use.
HotelCUBE pms
HotelCUBE International is the most modern management software, innovative and easy to use for the facilities of any size and complexity. Built around the Microsoft SQL Server database, using the development tools of Microsoft Enterprise to take advantage of the reliability, speed and intuitive user interface. The system is integrated with Microsoft Office 2007 or higher using the functionality of Outlook, Word and Excel.
Check-in pms
Advance your management. You are holding the answer to the needs of Front Office and Back Office management of your company. With simple processes and new technologies.
AMOB is a French Hotel Software created in partnership with the Hyeres Tourism Office. Easy to use, very performant and economical, AMOB is an ideal product for both small and medium size hotel.
Green Software
Green Software is a company dedicated to the development, implementation, training and support of software and information technology itself. Its primary objective is to provide a custom solution to each customer and gain their trust through deployments and maintenance.
SYSHOTEL GENIUS is the PMS of SYSDAT TOURISMO for any organizational need of the Hotel. Thanks to its modular structure can be "tailored" for each hotel dimension and customized for every operative need. The PMS is the best solution for each department: Reception, Restaurant, Bar, Housekeeper, Maintenance, Management, Sales, Marketing. It is integrated with Booking Engine, Business Intelligence, CRM, Rate Manager, Web check-in, Accounting and Inventory, Payroll and Personnel Management.
HOTTIMO is the global informatic solution for hotels, relays, resorts, luxury hotels and hotel chains. With its fully integrated modules is implemented together the best information technology facilities for single or chain.
Incorporating the latest technology, Hostpms in hotel management software developed for Windows operating systems. Due to its modern interface and self-explanatory icons, the software is extremely easy to operate.
With over 1200 hotels in France and abroad using this PMS, including more than 200 hotels in Paris, Topsys has gradually become the "reference PMS" of independent hotels and franchised.
Chloë is easy to use, in one planning you can see the details of each reservations, enter new reservations and can personnalize the colours of the planning, according to seasons and events. Chloë is a complete, powerful and efficient solution
Thais-Hotel is a PMS online. It is made to easily managed the reservations, the planning, the database, the bills, the cleaning and the check in/check out. You can easily use it from your hotel PC, smartphone or tablet. Works on Mac and Unix as well.
With more than 600 installations in any type of properties, you have the assurance of robust, reliable, rich, evolutionary products, known and appreciated by thousands of professionals of hotel trade.
Family Hotel
FAMILY HOTEL is a hotel management software (PMS type) for accommodations such as independent hotels, guest houses or Beds and breakfast. Produced by hoteliers for hoteliers FAMILY HOTEL is simple, fast and highly customizable. It can adapt to very different needs. FAMILY HOTEL is available for free download and can be configured by the user himself through its detailed documentation; making it one of the cheapest solutions on the market. Do not hesitate to test this tool that can save you lots of time and significantly increase your incomings.
Frontdesk Anywhere is a powerful, innovative and easy to use property management software for independent properties and management groups. The company is focused on converging processes traditionally performed by separate systems into a robust, all-in-one productivity application in the cloud, accessible from any computer or connected mobile device.
CLOCK Hotel Software
Established in 1996, today Clock Hotel Software has more than 600 hotel customers internationally, including leading international and local hotel brands, renowned hotels and resorts.
OFIMATICA was founded in 1981 and today has a portfolio of over 17,000 programs sold and a staff of 40 professionals. Our Mission is to create software, to provide the latest technology, to facilitate business management, fully integrated and very simple for the user.
Soluzioni & sistemi since 1989 deals with software for hospitality structures, our customers are exclusively Hotel, Residences, Resorts, Cottages and tourist facilities in general. Our product, Sistema Hotel, allows you to meet the needs of any facility wants to manage its work through a specific tool.
Property Management System with fully integrated Sales Channel Distribution System, Booking Engine, Front Office, Back Office and Business Center features are part of the core system. The design is focused on making it efficient with the minimum number of keystrokes and right clicks.
PriceMatch was founded by former students from the Ecole polytechnique and from Sciences Po Paris. Our yield management platform has been developed with hoteliers for hoteliers. We developed our tools to be specifically adapted to independent hotels, where user-friendliness, connectivity and a high ROI are priorities. We aim to make yield management accessible to every hotel.
White Sky Hotels & Resorts is India’s leading collection of handpicked, exclusive, authentic, boutique hotels. These hotels are ideal for travellers looking to stay somewhere memorable and unique places that have character, style and charm. White Sky Hotels is a sister brand of REACH and operated by White Sky Hospitality Pvt Ltd
Program management structures aimed at small / medium in which priority was given to ease of use and flexibility of procedures. Extensive use of drag & drop for quick interaction with the user. Compatible with any mail client to enter your emails directly on the booking form.
Hoteloplus is the application that provides all the resources needed for a comprehensive management of your hotel. It is an intuitive, graphical environments designed characterized by its easy learning and implementation.
OnlineRes was developed in 2002 as one of the first simple room booking engine for the hotel portal www.hotelfinder.de. The Hotelfinder.de GmbH & Co KG concentrates since the official re-launch in 2006, the original version of onlineRes, the Direktbuchbarkeit of hotel websites, groups and portals across Europe. Core function is to commission-free booking of rooms and additional services arrangements.
The IH Booking system allows a revenue management through the efficient administration of a perishable asset through its rate determination and a control of the inventory.
Computer Horizons was born in 1987 with the intention of satisfying the computing needs of businesses of Granada. We are dedicated to software development, maintenance of computer equipment and the creation and control of Web pages. We opted for a personalized and customized so the customer service is the foundation of our business relationships.
MisterBooking is an easy, complete and powerfull 100% WEB PMS. French conceptor and editor of online booking management software since 10 years, we offer you a concentrate of performance to improve management and incruise hotel revenue. Misterbooking promote also full automatic real time web data exchange at a very competitive cost. Our reactive customer support service is always at your service.
Gruphotel offers IT Solutions for Hotels. The exclusive dedication to the hospitality and restaurant industry for over 15 years, have made Gruphotel a leading professional development and maintenance of software for business hotels. Always at the forefront of new technologies, latest market trends and in direct contact with our customers, we provide Gruphotel comprehensive and complete solutions adapted to any type of business, offering a user-friendly software, intuitive and flexible management.
The more employees in a team generally lead to more and more costs, not always more benefits! It is essential to employ the right resources with the right qualifications and experience in accordance to the specific project requirements at hand. This means no friction losses and no overhead. We have more than 15 years’ experience in the field of project development and implementation in the most diverse areas: like, specialized core team on site at our customer, as partner within joint ventures and as general contractor for turnkey solutions.
K-root is a company with over 20 years of experience, dedicated to developing applications for the management of hotels. As an added bonus, we have a team of consultants specializing in the hospitality industry, forming a dynamic team and highly efficient.
MasterYield is a company dedicated to investigate and develop software for modern hospitality services, adapted to the actual requirements of a high competitive sector. We have been able to adapt to the newest sales and marketing technics, grouping the latest Yield & Revenue Management features. This is MasterYield's philosophy . A software designed by and for hoteliers.
HotelManager with Integrated Management System, designing or redesigning your website to convert visitors into reservations through our booking engine, manage your presence in the online channel on both network and your corporate blog, we monitor your brand online or online reputation, we make contracts with prime brokers, and manage your rate through our Channel Manager with daily analysis of your main competitors.
InovGuest - Property Management System supports the operation of traditional hotels, hotel chains and resorts, timeshares, vacation and fractional ownership, private clubs and hotels, condominiums. The InovGuest is the central solution of your business, in which all operations are carried out by our solution. Designed for individual hotel units, or hotelerias chains, the InovGuest centralizes information of your business, and disponiboliza it anywhere, just a simple access via browser.
5stelle* is a management software for all types of hotels, and it's cloud! 5stelle* contains everything you need for the administration and the front office, including: PMS (hotel, spa, meeting rooms, parking) and customer relationship management. 5stelle* is sales-oriented. Hotel uses a single online sale instrument because planner, OTA, booking engine are managed from the same interface. 5stelle* is a cloud software (Java). Hoteliers can stay connected to the reception wherever they are, even with a tablet or smartphone.
Ideas rms
Yielding 365 days ahead and having a sense of the booking pace and consumer behavior is something no human can accomplish multiple times a day. We hire our revenue management team not to perform data entry tasks, but to be intuitive and strategic.
Accurate rms
Accurate is the tool that integrates into a single solution an advanced and modern Revenue Management System with Web Booking Engine, Channel Manager and Shopper
Hotel Rev
Through Revenue Management, HotelRev offers a 360° service with the aim of increasing the turnover of the facilities managed through careful analysis, experience and market studies.
Starting from the initial on-site project, from pre-opening marketing to sales optimisation through different channels, from management solutions to personnel training, our experts are trained to offer you the best solution in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and costs, at all times.
Our motto, "Keep it Simple", is the cornerstone of our business ethos and the services we offer.ibelsa.rooms is the result: IT solutions made easy! Simple to use, easy to understand, and fair! All-in-one, economical and secure!
HiBooker is a Cloud PMS for accommodations COMPLETELY ON-LINE with advantageous costs and proportional to the size of your business. Designed according to the real practical needs of hoteliers, with HiBooker manage Hotels, Hostels, Resorts, Residence and B & B via web browser, with any terminal connected to the Internet. Easy to use, no installation, professional and feature-rich, from invoicing modules Public Safety and ISTAT.
Parityrate Srl
Parity Rate was founded by Bruno Castella, a hotel owner in Milan (Italy) in 2006. The company offers marketing solutions for hotels and hospitality businesses (B&B, Residence, Apartments, other) leveraging from a personal professional experience in hotel management that started in 1973.
RateWise RMS is a cloud based Rate Management System for hotels which calculates optimised room rates to ensure higher room sales at the best achievable rates.
HotSoft 8 Property Management System
Manage daily operations easily and increase your control over your bookings flow and finances with the HotSoft 8 property management system. Tailored to Suit Your Business Our proprietary property management system, HotSoft 8, consists of fully-integrated modules and provides features that support all kinds of business, from hostels to hotel chains. You only pay for the functions you need.
Venice is a Property Management System (PMS) designed to cover the needs of all types Aparts, Hotels, Inns and Cabins. Its ease of use and speed will maximize your resources for a more efficient operation in your Property.
CMNet is a PMS solution that simplifies availability management – allotments, group reservation, availability grid by room type and room number, overbooking setup and control. It may be easily integrated to billing and taxes systems, to online reservation solutions B2B/B2C – channel manager, booking engine, GDS integrations -, and to Revenue Management Systems. CMNet also provides a complete set of reports and internal / external Business Intelligence solution.
MyRevenue è un software, Web Based (non necessita di alcuna installazione sul PC), che si occupa di fare un’analisi dell’occupazione giornaliera della struttura e di sviluppare il previsionale dell’andamento, del Revenue e delle camere vendute per tutto l’anno, gestendo l’invio delle tariffe ai portali di prenotazione online. Tutto questo è possibile grazie all’integrazione con i PMS (software gestionali) e con il Channel Manager, che permette quindi la gestione in unico pannello di tutti i canali di vendita online.
MyRevenue è un programma applicativo per la gestione del FORECAST e del Revenue Management Alberghiero. Facile ed intuitivo, può essere utilizzato da Front Office, Sales Manager, Revenue Manager e Owner per la gestione quotidiana per le tariffe di vendita e il confronto dati di produzione, occupazione, ADR e RevPar.
Foco Multimídia
Foco Multimídia - Brazilian company specialized in technology and marketing for tourism.
Over 1000 active customers in Brazil.
Suite PMS para hoteles
Suite PMS supports huge connectivity with any kind of device or external software, providing intelligent tools for hospitality industry according to current hoteliers needs.