Project Description

Seven Stars is the Hotel PMS of Class One Group. It encompasses all the tools a Hotel needs to operate and it’s also designed to easily integrate in the multiple ’satellite‘ technologies such a business uses on its daily operation. .

After 25 years of existence this software has reached a maturity level hard to find in any other PMS in the market: notwithstanding its fidelity to the original architecture (respecting the design basics of the earliest versions) the application has evolved along two main paths:

Debugging: over time Seven Stars has become the only PMS that guarantees at all times your hotel’s IT. Seven Stars is a finished, debugged, stable, error-free tool.
Available capability: drawing from suggestions from our clients, the Class One team has enriched the functional coverage of our Suite for a comprehensive hotel management. Month after month, year after year, new tools, reports, interfaces, etc have been added, in order to guarantee that every process in your business is regarded and included in our software’s multiple options.
As a consequence of the latest technology advances new actors have emerged in the market, which play an increasingly important role in the business chain. Customers are not only eager for a dining or hotel experience, but also for it to be coupled with the technology they use on a daily basis. We have included your Customers as a new added value, as an active member of your Business.