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Channel manager: what is it, why have it and how to choose it?

RoomCloud NEWS Channel manager: what is it, why have it and how to choose it? The Channel Manager, or distribution manager, is software that allows you to update rates, availability, inventory closures and other details relating to your property in real-time on online portals and on [...]

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New homepage of RoomCloud dashboard!

RoomCloud NEWS The new homepage of RoomCloud dashboard is live! The new homepage of RoomCloud channel manager is online. Thanks to a more essential and immediate view of the data of your structure, you have a new tool to support your revenue strategy, which also offers you [...]

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RoomCloud Channel Manager is integrated with Vrbo

RoomCloud NEWS RoomCloud Channel Manager is officially integrated with Vrbo For 25 years, Vrbo has been the world’s leading vacation rental choice for families. Vrbo helps bring you travelers who stay longer and spend more – plus help you reach a global network of Expedia Group [...]

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New Business Rules in RoomCloud Channel Manager

RoomCloud NEWS New management of Business Rules in RoomCloud Business rules are a powerful tool of RoomCloud Channel Manager for your property that allows you to derive the prices of your rooms from a reference product. With the business rules you can automatically differentiate prices and availability [...]

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