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Airbnb simplified pricing. Why opt in?

What is the simplified pricing on Airbnb?

The simplified pricing is a Host Only Fee structure that helps attract more guests by removing the Guest Service fee (up to 20%) from the price shown on Airbnb portal, thus ensuring the same price on all channels.

Today, software-connected hosts can choose between 2 service fee structures:

  • Split-fee pricing, with the service fee shared between hosts and guests;
  • Simplified pricing, with the entire service fee covered by the host.

Why activate the simplified pricing?

– Hosts who activated the simplified pricing saw a 21% increase in bookings

– Simplified pricing is aligned with that of other OTAs and guarantees competitiveness in final price (and greater bookings)

– Helps make your property more appealing, as the customer will see that there are no extra service costs to pay in the final price.

How to opt in?

Airbnb extranet

To activate the simplified pricing you must connect to the Airbnb extranet or follow the path:

Account > Payments & payouts > Service Fee

You will then have to select “Include all Airbnb service fees in your price”.

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