Project Description

For 30 years, Medialog has been publishing management software for hotel and restaurant professionals. In a constantly changing technological environment, Medialog has established itself by renewing itself with unique, complete and ever more innovative solutions.
Its user-friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use software is constantly evolving, developed in collaboration with the customer.

Our software packages are designed for all types of establishments, hotels, restaurants, hotels & restaurants, hotel residences.
Our objectives: to accompany and advise, facilitate your daily life, increase customer satisfaction.
Flexible, Medialog solutions adapt to your business needs to provide a tailored response to your management problem and allow you to be constantly operational.

Medialog’s unique hybrid solution offers both cloud opening and local stability. This unique technology ensures you use our software from anywhere and without interruption, under any circumstances. The automatic synchronization allows the constant security of the data and the automatic update of all the applications.