RoomCloud PMS e RMS


Its power, flexibility and scalability make it perfectly suitable for both individual hotels and hotel groups, regardless of size. It offers greater control, stability and efficiency in use without resigning agility, making the use of the software more dynamic. Connect the system with the hotel website to work together and boost online sales without the need for complex interfaces.


eZee Absolute is an online hotel management system that helps hotels to effectively manage day-to-day operations by automating them. It streamlines all the important operations such as bookings, planning, front desk operations, room reservations, billing, housekeeping, revenue management and many more so that you can invest most of your time in serving the guest.


Avirato is a complete software for hotel business management, whether independent or chain. In Avirato PMS you will find all the tools to manage your business, without having to access different modules, you will be able to manage your reservations, Channel manager, booking engine, billing, etc. With Avirato you will simplify your work and increase the conversion rate.


Hotels should not be limited by their PMS. apaleo’s intuitive and scalable cloud-based PMS gives hotels the flexibility they need. Our 2-way API and app store offers hotels on-demand access to innovative, pre-integrated 3rd party applications at the click of a button. Finally, hotels can embrace the digital age


Millenij iSustav with its rich capabilities will make your daily tasks easier and leave more time for your guests. Designed with the help of hospitality professionals, the hotel information system will be able to perform all the tasks assigned to you, regardless of the type of property you are managing. Time is extremely important and a good information system will not only let you save your time, but it will also help you to better perform your daily tasks.


Othello®, by Millennium Soft, is an efficient, simple and fast hotel management software. All hotel management processes in a single tool.
Integral management of processes in the hotel, marketing, marketing and revenue. Hotel management and distribution integrated in the same product.


Il team di Lybra.Tech è composto da esperti del settore dell’ospitalità e della tecnologia, con anni di esperienza. Passione, attenzione per il cliente, innovazione e creatività sono i nostri valori fondamentali.


Loventis is a Cloud-based Property Management System tailored for Hotels and Hostels. Launched in 2005, there are now thousands of users around the world.
Find out more about the Loventis Hotel Software and its Channel Management capabilities!


Keybooking is a management system for small and medium sized hotels, hotels and the like. With an easy, fast and modern interface it allows users hassle free control of their reservations.


MMCreaation is a web agency in Paris, versatile and human scale, dedicated to the creation of websites and webmarketing projects.

With more than 15 years of experience in the web industry, our interactive agency offers services such as initial strategic thinking, graphic design, web development and online promotion.

The know-how and expertise of our digital agency in Paris allows us to support you in all your web projects.

Do not hesitate to share your projects with our web agency and to meet us


MyForecast, nato dall’esperienza di Sicaniasc hospitality, è un Revenue Software per hotel creato da Revenue Manager che consente a tutte le strutture ricettive di gestire al meglio le proprie politiche tariffarie, definire una corretta strategia di prezzo al fine di ottimizzare la gestione dei ricavi in albergo. Un Software analitico ricco di funzioni, ideale per fare “Hotel Revenue” in piena autonomia, semplificare i processi e incrementare il tasso di occupazione in ogni stagione dell’anno.


Software running in SAAS mode, which saves you a lot of time in terms of installation and control. We benefit directly from all the updates and evolutions of the tool. In terms of pricing, a monthly subscription according to our needs suits us perfectly.


We are a young and dynamic team formed by professionals from the world of Online Marketing, Technology and Tourism. We develop and update our products by applying the “know how” acquired during these years, to adapt to a changing sector such as Hotel Online Marketing.

In each new project, we put the same illusion as the first day and do everything possible to meet the needs of our customers. We manage integral Online Marketing projects for hotels, with custom developments, with the aim of helping our clients improve in their day to day.

Our goal is to continue growing with our customers, being the technological partner they need to adapt to the needs of their daily activity.


HSDS Technology Powers leading Hotel Brands, Hotel Management Companies, Revenue Management Companies, Revenue Management Centers, Hospitality Technology Suppliers across the Globe. When you can’t afford second best, HSDS delivers customised Solutions, stacking the odds in your favour!


HOSPEDIUM Hotel Group is a Chain of Independent Hotels, formed by hotels of different owners, which are marketed through the same common brand. Associated establishments are characterized by being of a family nature, with very good ratings by users, located in towns and areas that offer interesting activities and experiences, cultural, gastronomic or sports, in addition to the comfort and warm attention with which our accommodations pamper their guests.

The Hospedium team is composed of one part, each of the professionals that make up each establishment, and on the other hand, the staff of our central services team in Madrid.




Heraton is a hotel management system (PMS) based on a different concept of computerization of accommodation. Traditional PMS are closed systems, which claim to adapt to any hotel, large or small, because they adjust their price according to the type of hotel and “if you do not need a PMS function, simply do not use it”. They are not open to specific modifications for a customer, and if they do it is usually with a high cost.

We start from the basis that each hotel establishment is different from the others, and has specific needs. Therefore, unlike most PMS manufacturers, our work really begins when we start our system. It is at that time when the required and improvable functions are detected, and our team of developers makes the necessary adaptations, fully adapting the PMS to your needs. As if he had commissioned his development to suit him!


  See your reservations and availabilities at a glance
  Create a new booking in a few clicks
  Make an arrival and a departure in seconds
  Switch from one institution to another in one click (multi-properties)
  Have an interactive schedule by number or type of rooms
  The main Channel Manager are connected (2ways) to our PMS
  The update of availabilities, reservations, tariffs and packages is fully automated and realized in real time via the channel manager


MyRevenue è un programma applicativo per la gestione del FORECAST e del Revenue Management Alberghiero.
MyRevenue è un software, Web Based (non necessita di alcuna installazione sul PC), che si occupa di fare un’analisi dell’occupazione giornaliera della struttura e di sviluppare il previsionale dell’andamento, del Revenue e delle camere vendute per tutto l’anno, gestendo l’invio delle tariffe ai portali di prenotazione online. Tutto questo è possibile grazie all’integrazione con i PMS (software gestionali) e con il Channel Manager, che permette quindi la gestione in unico pannello di tutti i canali di vendita online.
Facile ed intuitivo, può essere utilizzato da Front Office, Sales Manager, Revenue Manager e Owner per la gestione quotidiana per le tariffe di vendita e il confronto dati di produzione, occupazione, ADR e RevPar.


Soluzioni software per l’ospitalità
Siamo nati dall’integrazione di 4 società operanti da decenni nel settore alberghiero. Le risorse di ogni società del gruppo hanno permesso di sviluppare soluzioni per una gestione integrata delle strutture ricettive.


Gábilos Hotel Premium, is a hotel management software that allows you to manage a hotel or any other tourist accommodation that wishes to improve the control of your reservations and billing by an application developed with the latest technology for hotels, hostels, pensions, apartments, rural tourism, hostel, camping …


NetHotel – hospitality
Property Management System and optional web based hotel booking engine which handles all facets of managing a hotel property as well as connects to Netactica’s own distribution systems as well as traditional and new internet channels such as OTAs, IDS.
Netactica is leading software developer for the Latin American Travel & Tourism industry. E-Commerce, Distribution, Management & Accounting


CLEARHOTEL by Open Soft, a software designed and developed to improve the performance of the professional Hospitality Sector, optimizing your business model and keeping your company at highly competitive levels.
More than 20 years of experience in the hotel sector allows OpenSoft to make notable improvements in the management model of hotel companies depending on the type of their business model and the size of their organization.
The hospitality sector OpenSoft experts provide practical and real solutions with high added value, which will allow you to be highly competitive and differentiate yourself from your competition.


La nostra Consulenza Hotel e Revenue Management Alberghiero è stabilita tenendo conto delle tue caratteristiche, nella reciproca volontà di raggiungere obiettivi commerciali misurabili e di crescita delle vendite.

L’esperienza dei Revenue Manager del Franco Grasso Revenue Team maturata negli anni, curando la gestione delle vendite per oltre 1.000 hotel e strutture ricettive in situazioni e località diverse tra loro, rappresenta il nostro valore aggiunto.

Vogliamo condividere le nostre competenze e conoscenze di marketing per hotel e farvi diventare i migliori gestori della vostra struttura.

Con l’obiettivo di matereliazzare vendite non solo in altissima stagione, per diminuire il tasso di camere invendute, per vendere meglio le tue camere online.


Nearly 600 hotels use Experience and we are in the process of building market share internationally. Our customer relationship management solutions consist of 5 stages: collecting your guests’ details, segmenting them in order to understand what they want, providing them with an extraordinary level of service, invite them to talk about your hotel online and finally ensuring that they maintain contact with you so that they become regulars in your property.

Experience was launched in November 2014 when three passionate hotel marketing professionals, who had worked in the sector since 2001, came together. Since then, our team has grown. New tools have been developed to enable independent hoteliers to save time while enhancing their revenue thanks to fully tailored customer relationship management solutions.


Pxsol, Leading Technology in Latin America for Hotel Management
Pxsol helps hotels and all types of accommodation to sell online.
We develop our own technology in constant evolution, which allows our clients to increase their occupancy, decrease commissions from online travel agencies, and improve profitability.
More than 400 hotels trust Pxsol.


eZee FrontDesk hotel PMS packed with powerful features, makes it easy for you to manage your daily operations while improving your overall guest services. Designed and developed under the guidance of hospitality experts, the hotel management system can accommodate the most stringent operational requirement regardless what type of property you manage. Time is of the essence in the industry, and a good property management system not only saves you time but helps you complete the operations efficiently and increase productivity.


Siamo una smart working company 100% made in Italy, costituita da un network di professionisti che lavorano da remoto seguendo un’organizzazione liquida, orizzontale e non piramidale del lavoro incentrata su tre valori positivi: fiducia, trasparenza e responsabilità.

La felicità è contagiosa e abita ovunque. Lavoriamo in modo smart e flessibile per garantirti più produttività, più soluzioni e più soddisfazione. Perché un professionista felice genera un cliente felice.


Designer and publisher of EURESTO certified NF525 software, we have been specialized since 1989 in the IT support dedicated to Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Hotel Grounds and Companies in the Tourism sector. Our activities today extend to all types of businesses.
Service computer is our job and our passion.


Quasar Hotel Runner Web, il Software innovativo totalmente on line.
Prodotto modulare su piattaforma WEB per l’accesso in locale o da remoto attraverso PC e dispositivi mobili, non necessita di alcuna installazione. E’ lo strumento ideale per chiunque voglia gestire con grande flessibilità le azioni di marketing e i rapporti con la clientela in ambito turistico. Totale integrazione con il booking on line

Caratteristiche principali:
– Adempimenti di legge essenziali (Pubblica Sicurezza e ISTAT)
– Interfacciamento ed integrazione con le principali applicazioni WEB standard per la gestione di mail e social marketing
– Funzioni di import ed export dati per report e statistiche
– Statistiche personalizzate grazie all’utilizzo di filtri dinamici
– Gestione del booking on line sempre allineata alla disponibilità reale
– Tariffazione dinamica giornaliera
– Accesso alle informazioni anche mediante dispositivi MOBILE.


Erbon Suite is an integrated solution for managing all hotel departments, from reception and reservations to financial, with all tax, product sales and inventory management. Plus, your hotel is connected to over 700 online sales channels through an interface with Omnibees.


Ruralgest Management software for rural houses, hotels, activities and tourist destinations.

PMS management software with a large number of utilities that will allow you, in a comfortable and simple way, to manage a planing, with your billing, expense control, customers, perform cheking, police record, quality control … And, in addition, if you decide to implement our engine (included in this pack), the program will automatically update, availability, prices and offers without having to do anything at all.
BOOKING ENGINE IN 8 LANGUAGES Include on your website online reservations so that customers do not have to go to another website to book and offer them, in this way, a better service. It can work in 8 languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Galician, Catalan and Basque). In addition, you can activate your own comments using the tool that collects opinions from your customers.


La DNR Informatica nasce nel 1992 dalla collaborazione di due amici, un tecnico informatico ed un albergatore, con l’obiettivo di sviluppare software gestionali per alberghi, consulenti del lavoro ed aziende.

Per i nostri software forniamo e garantiamo assistenza ed aggiornamenti continui, tenendo conto non solo dei cambiamenti delle normative ma soprattutto delle esigenze dei clienti.


Scrollidea digital concierge è la web-app dedicata all’ospite, che gli permette di interagire con l’hotel prima, durante e dopo il soggiorno.
Durante il Setup iniziale il team Scrollidea lavora sui contenuti dell’hotel e li rende più efficaci; individua le offerte più interessanti da spingere e le migliori opportunità di upselling.
Scrollidea aumenta il revenue e consente di guadagnare con la vendita di servizi.
Permette di creaare un legame continuativo e ancora più forte con il tuo ospite
Snellisce l’operatività della reception e riduce le richieste di informazioni


DIRS21 is a web-based reservations and channel mangement system, which helps you to open up the world of online distribution. We have been providing powerful solutions for hotels, restaurants, and the tourism industry for over 20 years.


Digiside è un’agenzia di comunicazione con particolare focus sui media digitali.
E’ specializzata in progetti web e di comunicazione multicanale.
Il suo staff è composto da professionisti del settore che possono vantare una vasta esperienza
nel settore della grafica, della programmazione, del marketing.
L’azienda mette il cliente a diretto contatto con il team di lavoro affidato al proprio progetto
stimolando un rapporto diretto e collaborativo tra committente ed esecutore.

Digiside è diretta a far conseguire al cliente, tramite innovativi progetti di comunicazione,
risultati diretti e ravvicinati nel tempo volti a potenziare il business.


Seven Stars is the Hotel PMS of Class One Group. It encompasses all the tools a Hotel needs to operate and it’s also designed to easily integrate in the multiple ‘satellite’ technologies such a business uses on its daily operation. .

After 25 years of existence this software has reached a maturity level hard to find in any other PMS in the market: notwithstanding its fidelity to the original architecture (respecting the design basics of the earliest versions) the application has evolved along two main paths:

Debugging: over time Seven Stars has become the only PMS that guarantees at all times your hotel’s IT. Seven Stars is a finished, debugged, stable, error-free tool.
Available capability: drawing from suggestions from our clients, the Class One team has enriched the functional coverage of our Suite for a comprehensive hotel management. Month after month, year after year, new tools, reports, interfaces, etc have been added, in order to guarantee that every process in your business is regarded and included in our software’s multiple options.
As a consequence of the latest technology advances new actors have emerged in the market, which play an increasingly important role in the business chain. Customers are not only eager for a dining or hotel experience, but also for it to be coupled with the technology they use on a daily basis. We have included your Customers as a new added value, as an active member of your Business.


SIHOT goes a lot further than just providing functions such as check-in, check-out and reservations. SIHOT guides the user through each task and offers logical links to related functions at any stage of the program. Wherever possible, automations take over and reduce manual input and checking procedures, leaving staff free to carry out more important duties.


Sotecs Fast and simple all-in-one hotel management system
Take control in an easy and efficient way

Cloud technology – bring cloud efficiency to your hotel
Efficient management – easy to use, always updated
Point of sale – restaurant, cafeteria …
Analysis and reports – automated daily sales
Access from anywhere – secure access to data.
Revenue – update rates and offers easily.


SKALA Hoteles – Hotel information system that makes it easy to manage and control your Hotel in a simple, reliable and secure way

Easily manage all hotel functions:

Main graphic and intuitive panel, showing room status,
Reservations and Reception,
Check-in and check-out,
Individual or group billing per guest or Client,
Control rooms and transfers,
Manage guests and rates,
Manage point of sales,
Hotel registration, occupation, reservation and migration reports,
Forecast type reports, arrival details, Customer balances and management report, among others.

With integrated accounting option online and real time.


Goutel®, by Smart Cloud Services, is a comprehensive management system for your hotel, but the most important thing is that its main purpose is to help you increase your sales.


Suite® PMS is the core of hotel management. Manage tasks related to reservations, customers, cleaning, maintenance and billing. It is one of the most complete PMS in the market and with an affordable price. Created to make everyday tasks easier
Suite® PMS automates processes to expedite routine tasks. 3 seconds is what the ‘auto check-in’ function needs to execute a customer’s entry by reading their ID or passport and recording their card, generating the key to open the door of the room, enabling the switchboard for calls, activating the air conditioning, showing the welcome on the television in the appropriate language and issuing the accommodation contract with the client. Maximum performance is obtained in combination with a document reader.


Busy Rooms offers a complete revenue, marketing and distribution service, which optimizes the sale of rooms for the hospitality industry while serving online sales channels with relevant product.
This is all achieved through a single contract and technology platform connecting both sides hassle free.


Grazie a questo software sviluppato in Cloud puoi avere sempre tutto sotto controllo ovunque ti trovi e da qualsiasi dispositivo utilizzi.
Diversamente dai classici software BookNowHotel, una volta configurato secondo le tue esigenze, è pronto all’uso, senza richiedere installazioni né file da scaricare.

Accedi da qualunque parte del mondo senza limiti e lavora da remoto anche se non sei fisicamente presente in struttura: ti bastano un pc, un tablet o uno smartphone e una semplice connessione Internet.


I servizi offerti sono rivolti a chiunque abbia l’esigenza di informatizzare la propria struttura ricettiva.
Sia che si tratti di un grande Hotel, di un Bed and Breakfast o di un piccolo appartamento, Bedzzle offre sempre un software alberghiero professionale per la vendita diretta delle camere garantendo il massimo dell’accessibilità, dell’esperienza e delle prestazioni grazie a soluzioni tecnologiche innovative.


When we say that it has never been so easy to manage a business, we are serious. When you make a change in your property management system (PMS), it will instantly be reflected across all your online sales channels. If someone books anywhere on your sales channels or booking engine, the room availability will be instantly updated everywhere, so there’s no risk of overbooking or underselling. This instant updating makes it easier to maximize your exposure across multiple sales channels without it becoming unmanageable. It also gives you the freedom to optimize your room prices or close channels as availability runs low, ensuring you maximum revenue.

Our goal is to bring the vision you have for your hotel brand to life online, while also ensuring we’ll engage and entice your target audience to book directly with you. We begin each project by developing a full understanding of the brand identity of your hotel and exploring how we can best represent this through design and user experience.


Arion is a company with extensive experience in the category of Software Development for Hospitality and Gastronomy, having created several products that are used daily by the most important hotels and casinos in the region


Argo Hotel 2.0 offre una gestione completa del vostro esercizio. A partire dall’affitta camere sino al più esigente
Grand Hotel, grazie alla sua versatilità di utilizzo e modularità dei suoi componenti, offre la stessa sicurezza e
garanzia di esercizio qualunque sia la grandezza della vostra attività.


Xnotta Gestionale Alberghiero è stato concepito per strutture ricettive come Hotel, B&B, Appartamenti, Agriturismi, Alberghi diffusi e Villaggi turistici ed è dotato di un sistema da cui è possibile gestire le operazioni di check in, live in e check out. Xnotta Light, anch’esso dedicato alle strutture ricettive, presenta un software specifico per la gestione Booking e l’acquisizione delle prenotazioni.

Xnotta Immobiliare è dedicato alle Agenzie che si occupano di fittanze ed oltre al Booking online rende possibile la gestione delle spese con i proprietari. Xnotta Portal, infine, è adatto alla gestione Booking di un Portale Turistico: sfruttando le caratteristiche di alcuni dei portali sopracitati rende possibile il Booking multi struttura e multi locazione.

Xnotta è un prodotto di Bottega Digitale


Because we are a Chilean company and our solutions are developed based on national news. We also maintain a constant search for innovation and improvement of the technologies used. We deliver a quality, personalized and agile service, in order to respond to the specific needs of each of our clients.


Complete Solution for the hospitality industry, Zeus® Hotels, is a management software that allows you to quickly and easily control all the Operational (Front Office) and Administrative (Back Office) areas of a hotel: reservations, reception, housekeeping keys, audit, maintenance, security, food and beverages, payroll, accounting, inventories, Fixed Assets, Comparatives for periods, among others.

With this tool you can:

• Streamline administration and control functions
• Timely generate information for decision making
• Issue financial and statistical reports
• Evaluate the transactions and returns of the operational areas of the hotel at any time.


It is an easy-to-use and cost-effective hotel management system that guarantees all kinds of statistics with its unique and unlimited reporting technology that enables you to manage standard hotel operations with front office, back office and pos modules.


More than just a PMS. It is also an ERP, CRM, CMI, accounting, tax and reporting.
You will control all areas of your accommodation in a single program.
ALO PMS integrates all the functionalities to increase the performance of your accommodation and reduce unnecessary costs.


Aicon PMS is a complete hotel management system, used to automate all the functions of a hotel, such as customer reservations (Booking Engine), online reservations (Channel Manager), rates according to dates, points of sale (reception / cleaning / maintenance), telephone, accounts receivable, sales and marketing.

Aicon PMS also performs the management of food, beverages, materials, cleaning service, maintenance service, quality management and human resources.

Aicon PMS is versatilely integrated into the Aicon ERP Software, from which you can perform all administrative management of sales, purchases, checking accounts, finances and savings banks, banks, inventory, tax, HR, and of course the “Accounting Integrated. “


SOHO Recepción by SOHO APPS
Software PMS for hotels
Billing. CheckIn & CheckOut. Inventory control, management reports, reservation calendar, room rack. Everything for the hotel operation


Il gestionale alberghiero più intuitivo e facile da usare. Accoglienza impeccabile e Revenue Management professionale e semplice per tutti. I dati sono costantemente riordinati, analizzati ed esposti per un rapido intervento quotidiano o per studi periodici più approfonditi.

Funzioni innovative volute dagli albergatori:

  • Data Soggiorno personalizzabile
  • Planning drag & drop, icone di status
  • Forecast per analisi microscopica di ogni Data Soggiorno
  • Prezzi camere vuote in anteprima nel planning
  • Commissioni esposte per una visione reale
  • Monitoraggio dinamico costante dell’occupazione

Passepartout è una software house dinamica e moderna che sviluppa, da oltre 30 anni, software gestionale e vanta ad oggi, oltre 80.000 utenti. La strategia aziendale prevede quale unica modalità di accesso al mercato la distribuzione, l’assistenza e la personalizzazione del software, attraverso un canale di concessionari qualificati. Un trend di crescita costante ha consolidato il patrimonio aziendale e consentito scelte innovative con ingenti investimenti su risorse umane, infrastrutture e strumenti di lavoro.



SCIDOO è l’app gestionale ALL IN ONE per Hotel, B&B, Agriturismi , Country House, Case Vacanza e Campeggi. Con Scidoo inserisci le prenotazioni ovunque ti trovi e verifichi la disponibilità in tempo reale senza perdere nessuna prenotazione. Scidoo ti permette di emettere Fatture, Ricevute fiscali e Corrispettivi Elettronici, organizzare la pulizia degli alloggi, gestire attraverso la domotica il riscaldamento degli alloggi e l’apertura delle porte e fornire al vostro ospite un webapp concierge. Il servizio e’ comprensivo di APP , versione mobile e versione desktop su



The PMS Cudbe is used daily by hundreds of properties in France and abroad. Cudbe allows you to manage a hotel with or without a restaurant. All the tools you need for your daily management are available. With a complete offer accessible to all, Cudbe adapts to all sizes of properties (from bed and breakfast to resorts). Cudbe integrates a channel manager for online distribution. Do you want to outsource your PMS ? We provide it for you with our Cloud PMS service!



Collezionando, distribuendo e analizzando le recensioni degli ospiti, Customer Alliance aiuta tutte le strutture, dagli hotel indipendenti alle grandi catene alberghiere, ad ottenere il controllo sulla propria reputazione online insieme a un incremento di revenue.



Our company develops professional software exclusively for the tourism sector. Our software is scalable, and can be modularized until we reach the perfect solution for our clients. Infortur Hotel allows increasing control in all departments and management areas. Infortur software, as a manufacturer, offers an open software, which allows you to link your modules, fully integrated with each other, with other external systems.



DIVENTA is an Enterprise Resource Planning system for leasure/turistic industry, which covers complete business functions of the turistics subject. DIVENTA is a completely integreted system, running in real time, without any night audit. It is based on common database and a modular software design. Each modul can be installed independently or as a part of integral information system and each information is processed in real time.



Sistemas Informáticos Málaga, a development company, has in the Gold Premium application its specific software for hotels on rental basis. Based on more than 30 years of experience in the hotel sector, it allows managing the hotel in all areas. Automatic download of reservations from Channel, interfaces with switchboard software, electronic billing and document reader are possibilities included in the application.



Hotelmanager PMS is a flexible and unique solution, adapted to the day-to-day of each hotel. The PMS new version includes new features such as: dynamic dashboard with Business Intelligence information about hotel customers, Revenue Management Module, Channel Manager/Booking Engine and automatic payment solutions.
Complementary modules allows to customize the PMS according to hotel needs.


Winhotel Solution is a Spanish Software Corporation involved in Hotel business for over 24 years now. Founded and headquartered in Majorca, our objective is to provide powerful IT solutions for clients who have outgrown their business through a fully integrated platform adaptable for any kind of Hotel category ranging from Resorts, Bed and Breakfasts, City Hotels or Vacational Rental Properties.


Il software gestionale Hotelpedia, sviluppato da Micropedia, è un software di gestione multi-struttura adatto per hotel, così come per B&B, case vacanza, case spirituali, agriturismi e ostelli. In base alle recensioni dei nostri clienti, ci posizioniamo tra i migliori PMS per hotel e offriamo il nostro prodotto come il miglior rapporto qualità-prezzo sul mercato nazionale. La sua caratteristica più importante è che consente ai proprietari di multi-proprietà di gestire location illimitate con un unico gestionale, planner e licenza.


MyAlb PMS è il nuovo software hotel web-based, in grado di affrontare e risolvere definitivamente tutti i problemi legati alla gestione delle più svariate tipologie di strutture ricettive. MyAlb PMS è una soluzione in cloud: fruibile da tablet PC e palmari. Ha una struttura modulare e scalabile e grazie alla formula in hosting offre alti livelli di garanzia sulla sicurezza dei dati e sulla privacy. Questo si traduce in azzeramento degli investimenti in hardware, aggiornamento costante e alte prestazioni.


SENDER è una giovane azienda specializzata nella realizzazione e commercio di software di supporto alle strutture ricettive. I nostri prodotti facilitano la gestione della struttura ricettiva in particolare le incombenze della trasmissione dati verso la Pubblica Amministrazione. I nostri programmi sono aggiornati al nuovo sistema AlloggiatiWEB della Polizia di Stato per l’invio delle schede alloggiati tramite internet.


For more than 20 years, Jazotel has been innovating in the design of management systems for hotels and tourist residences. The Jazotel team is composed exclusively of professionals from the hospitality industry and IT. This combination of know-how has enabled us to design and develop our Jazotel software package so that it is the complete and concrete answer to your hotel and residence management needs.


Multinational group present in more than 70 countries that manufactures global technology solutions since 1985 for the Hospitality, Hotel and Retail sectors. FrontHotel PMS offers a comprehensive and unified solution with high performance and adaptable to any type of hotel establishment, providing simplification in daily processes and automation of workflows.


We work for your hotel! We provide the best suite of hotel technologies to get you the most out of your online business and simplify its management. Our mission is to help you transform your business for the best, providing you the key online tools to achieve it. One of the best teams of creatives and technology experts combine their minds to help you meet your goals, taking advantage of the latest digital practices.


We automate your hospitality operation from the cloud and help supercharge your revenues. It’s so intuitive and easy to use it’s grandma proof. We believe that the best technology is discreet, efficient and sleek, just like the finest hosts and concierges in our industry. It’s why we’re building tools to empower properties to make real connections with their guests.


Paxer is a company that offers one of the most powerful and flexible platforms that allows independent hotels to receive online bookings in their websites, connect and synchronize with Online Travel Agencies and managing all reservations in a single place. Our goal is to offer a state of the art platform with the highest standards of quality with an excellent price perfomance.


Newhotel Cloud and Newhotel Prime (on premise) Systems combine PMS Front-Office, Points of Sale, Spa & Wellness, Condo & Multi-ownership, Events & Conventions, Stocks and Mobile App, fully integrated with the responsive online marketing and sales platform including booking engine, channel manager and Smart Website, to manage and leverage your hotel online presence and sales.


Quovai is an affordable cloud-based smart solution for small and medium-sized holiday properties. Quovai offers a feature-rich PMS, booking engine, channel manager and concierge system. Quovai is simple, intuitive, secure and GDPR- compliant. Serving our clients by being proactive, quick and ethical is our lodestone.


dataHotel, è una società di software con più di 20 anni di esperienza nel settore. Con il PMS dataHotel avrai la migliore soluzione specializzata per la gestione di qualsiasi tipo di struttura recettiva. Adattato a ciascun tipo e dimensione, ti permetterà di controllare tutte le aree di gestione del tuo hotel in modo efficiente, sicuro e completamente integrato. Il nostro obiettivo è offrire soluzioni caratterizzate da innovazione, creatività e qualità che consentano ai clienti di migliorare i propri processi aziendali.


Our main purpose is to remove the complexity of managing your hospitality business and help you keep track and successful manage your hotel operations. We aim to offer you everything you need to run your hotel so you won’t need to do manual work anymore. In this way you will have more time to spend on more important things and you will get your freedom back, by being able to work from anywhere at any time from any device.


QuoHotel is hotel management software developed by Quonext on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) .
This ERP and hotel PMS based in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) allows control over all management areas of your hotel in an efficient, flexible and fully integrated way.
Quonext’s dedication and innovation in this new solution is a competitive advantage against other hotel industry solutions and provides essential support for operational and strategic business tasks.
This hotel software and system provides all the necessary tools to manage your establishments, no matter if they are Holiday, City, Spa & Wellness or Resort Hotels, and whether they are temporary or not.


All Oracle Hospitality front office solutions can be integrated with The unique myfidelio connector assists you to control your rates and to receive reservations from only one system: Your property management system (PMS). This two-way functionality of data upload and download will enable you to take full control of your distribution directly from any of the Oracle Hospitality PMS products. This includes Opera PMS (stand alone, multi property and express version), OPERA Central Reservation System and all Oracle Hospitality legacy PMS products (version 6 and 7) as well as Suite 8


Slope is a cloud-based software solution that integrates tools such as: PMS, Booking Engine, Channel Manager, CRM, revenue tools and marketing tools.
The “all in one” solution combines the features and functionalities needed by an hotel in one single software solution. Slope’s “all-in-one” architecture simplifies the hotelier’s and hotel crew’s work avoiding synchronization errors between different sales channels and products. Slope also simplifies the everyday jobs making every tasks intuitive and easy!


Deversor è una società di sviluppo software creata 30 anni fa con una chiara vocazione al servizio. L’implementazione di soluzioni software in qualsiasi area ci ha fatto distinguere come una delle aziende pioniere in questo settore. Allo stato attuale, grazie al nostro spirito di innovazione sempre irrequieto, disponiamo di un’ampia gamma di prodotti di gestione e di valore aggiunto per tutti i tipi di aziende e settori.


GP Dati Hotel Service is a leading software house specialized in property management systems with about 1000 installations in Italy and other European countries, offering integrated solutions for all needs of the hotel industry: front office, marketing, revenue management, online sales, F&B, purchases, administration.


Ibooking offre soluzioni per hotel e B & B di tutte le dimensioni. Sviluppato dagli albergatori, i suoi strumenti sono in grado di ottimizzare tutti i compiti degli stabilimenti, oltre a sfruttare la distribuzione delle loro scorte e la redditività delle proporzioni – i suoi clienti osservano aumenti fino al 40% nella loro lucidità dopo aver assunto i suoi servizi.

Conoscere Ibooking e capire perché è una delle aziende tecnologiche in più rapida crescita per l’industria dell’ospitalità in Brasile.


Bela is a complete sales, payment and management platform for Tourism & Entertainment. Tourism is happiness and we believe that hotels, parks, agencies and shows can sell and receive payments in a better way.


This multi-country, multilingual and multi-currency website, aimed at the general public as well as corporates, allows travellers from the whole world to benefit from the best local rates for transportation and hotels with France being the highlight thanks to its star products such as Paris, ski holidays and seasonal rentals.


Revolution Plus – il software di Revenue Management che fa la differenza – nato dall’esperienza del Franco Grasso Revenue Team, dà all’albergatore o a chi dirige la struttura ricettiva tutte le informazioni necessarie per prendere decisioni commerciali vincenti.


Seven Stars is the Hotel PMS of Class One Group. It encompasses all the tools a Hotel needs to operate and it’s also designed to easily integrate in the multiple ‘satellite’ technologies such a business uses on its daily operation. After 25 years of existence this software has reached a maturity level hard to find in any other PMS in the market.


Turboguest is automation software for Independent Hotels and Small Hotel Networks. The software allows the hotel to generate more visitors, convert to reservations and automate the management process, increasing productivity and optimizing profits.


5stelle* è l’innovativo gestionale 100% cloud per l’hotel che gestire tutti i reparti in modo semplice e puntuale. Ti aiuta inoltre a governare al meglio la complessità della vendita online integrandola nella gestione quotidiana della reception, grazie alla connessione diretta con OTA (channel manager) e booking engine. Integrato con le più diffuse piattaforme di distribuzione online, 5stelle* ha un modello di pricing scalabile ed è in costante evoluzione, al passo con i tuoi tempi!


ENGISOFT es fabricante de software para el sector hotelero y turístico con más de 25 años de experiencia. Más de 500 hoteles utilizan nuestros productos. Nuestro software abarca todos los departamentos de un hotel: PMS y la gestión de reservas hasta el restaurante, almacén, Business Inteligence, y Channel Manager.


Clock PMS+ is the world’s most automated, complete and guest-centric cloud hotel software. Our cloud-based all-in-one solution is a complete and powerful property management system with all the tools you’ve always wanted to have to better engage guests, drive more direct bookings and effortlessly manage all your distribution channels while maximising your profits, and so much more.


MyRevenue è un software, Web Based (non necessita di alcuna installazione sul PC), che si occupa di fare un’analisi dell’occupazione giornaliera della struttura e di sviluppare il previsionale dell’andamento, del Revenue e delle camere vendute per tutto l’anno, gestendo l’invio delle tariffe ai portali di prenotazione online. Tutto questo è possibile grazie all’integrazione con i PMS (software gestionali) e con il Channel Manager, che permette quindi la gestione in unico pannello di tutti i canali di vendita online.
MyRevenue è un programma applicativo per la gestione del FORECAST e del Revenue Management Alberghiero. Facile ed intuitivo, può essere utilizzato da Front Office, Sales Manager, Revenue Manager e Owner per la gestione quotidiana per le tariffe di vendita e il confronto dati di produzione, occupazione, ADR e RevPar.


CMNet is a PMS solution that simplifies availability management – allotments, group reservation, availability grid by room type and room number, overbooking setup and control. It may be easily integrated to billing and taxes systems, to online reservation solutions B2B/B2C – channel manager, booking engine, GDS integrations -, and to Revenue Management Systems. CMNet also provides a complete set of reports and internal / external Business Intelligence solution.


Venice is a Property Management System (PMS) designed to cover the needs of all types Aparts, Hotels, Inns and Cabins. Its ease of use and speed will maximize your resources for a more efficient operation in your Property.


HotSoft 8 Property Management System
Manage daily operations easily and increase your control over your bookings flow and finances with the HotSoft 8 property management system. Tailored to Suit Your Business Our proprietary property management system, HotSoft 8, consists of fully-integrated modules and provides features that support all kinds of business, from hostels to hotel chains. You only pay for the functions you need.


HiBooker is a Cloud PMS for accommodations COMPLETELY ON-LINE with advantageous costs and proportional to the size of your business. Designed according to the real practical needs of hoteliers, with HiBooker manage Hotels, Hostels, Resorts, Residence and B & B via web browser, with any terminal connected to the Internet. Easy to use, no installation, professional and feature-rich, from invoicing modules Public Safety and ISTAT.


Our motto, “Keep it Simple”, is the cornerstone of our business ethos and the services we offer.ibelsa.rooms is the result: IT solutions made easy! Simple to use, easy to understand, and fair! All-in-one, economical and secure!


Through Revenue Management, HotelRev offers a 360° service with the aim of increasing the turnover of the facilities managed through careful analysis, experience and market studies


MasterYield is a company dedicated to investigate and develop software for modern hospitality services, adapted to the actual requirements of a high competitive sector. We have been able to adapt to the newest sales and marketing technics, grouping the latest Yield & Revenue Management features. This is MasterYield’s philosophy . A software designed by and for hoteliers


K-root is a company with over 20 years of experience, dedicated to developing applications for the management of hotels. As an added bonus, we have a team of consultants specializing in the hospitality industry, forming a dynamic team and highly efficient.


The more employees in a team generally lead to more and more costs, not always more benefits! It is essential to employ the right resources with the right qualifications and experience in accordance to the specific project requirements at hand. This means no friction losses and no overhead. We have more than 15 years’ experience in the field of project development and implementation in the most diverse areas: like, specialized core team on site at our customer, as partner within joint ventures and as general contractor for turnkey solutions.


Gruphotel offers IT Solutions for Hotels. The exclusive dedication to the hospitality and restaurant industry for over 15 years, have made Gruphotel a leading professional development and maintenance of software for business hotels. Always at the forefront of new technologies, latest market trends and in direct contact with our customers, we provide Gruphotel comprehensive and complete solutions adapted to any type of business, offering a user-friendly software, intuitive and flexible management.


MisterBooking is an easy, complete and powerfull 100% WEB PMS. French conceptor and editor of online booking management software since 10 years, we offer you a concentrate of performance to improve management and incruise hotel revenue. Misterbooking promote also full automatic real time web data exchange at a very competitive cost. Our reactive customer support service is always at your service.


OnlineRes was developed in 2002 as one of the first simple room booking engine for the hotel portal The GmbH & Co KG concentrates since the official re-launch in 2006, the original version of onlineRes, the Direktbuchbarkeit of hotel websites, groups and portals across Europe. Core function is to commission-free booking of rooms and additional services arrangements.


Hoteloplus is the application that provides all the resources needed for a comprehensive management of your hotel. It is an intuitive, graphical environments designed characterized by its easy learning and implementation.


Program management structures aimed at small / medium in which priority was given to ease of use and flexibility of procedures. Extensive use of drag & drop for quick interaction with the user. Compatible with any mail client to enter your emails directly on the booking form.


White Sky Hotels & Resorts is India’s leading collection of handpicked, exclusive, authentic, boutique hotels. These hotels are ideal for travellers looking to stay somewhere memorable and unique places that have character, style and charm. White Sky Hotels is a sister brand of REACH and operated by White Sky Hospitality Pvt Ltd


Property Management System with fully integrated Sales Channel Distribution System, Booking Engine, Front Office, Back Office and Business Center features are part of the core system. The design is focused on making it efficient with the minimum number of keystrokes and right clicks.


Soluzioni & sistemi dal 1989 si occupa di software per strutture ricettive, i nostri clienti sono esclusivamente Hotel, Residence, Resort, Cottage e strutture turistiche in genere. Sistema Hotel consente di soddisfare le esigenze di qualsiasi struttura desideri gestire il proprio lavoro attraverso uno strumento specifico.
Disponibile in due versioni (base e completo) permette di rispondere alle esigenze di qualsiasi struttura voglia gestire il suo lavoro tramite uno strumento specifico.
La versione base si differenzia per due caratteristiche: lavora in mono utenza e non prevede l’interfacciamento con prodotti o strumenti esterni (Centralino telefonico, Pay-Tv, contabilità, magazzino, ecc.), ma offre comunque anche a piccole strutture tutte le funzioni necessarie.


OfiHotel the ideal software for hotels both in desktop version and in cloud version specialized in the total mechanization of the hotel reception (reservations, Check-in and check-out) administrative activity (billing, INE, collections, payments, cash .. .), commercial (Pick up, Revenue, sectorization, …), purchases (orders, delivery notes and warehouse) and management of your Hotel. Fully modular, highlighting the connection with the POS of the restaurant / bar / cafeteria, payment gateways, Roomcloud connection, RMS, scanner, electronic billing, accounting,…


FAMILY HOTEL is a hotel management software (PMS type) for accommodations such as independent hotels, guest houses or Beds and breakfast. Produced by hoteliers for hoteliers FAMILY HOTEL is simple, fast and highly customizable. It can adapt to very different needs. FAMILY HOTEL is available for free download and can be configured by the user himself through its detailed documentation; making it one of the cheapest solutions on the market. Do not hesitate to test this tool that can save you lots of time and significantly increase your incomings.


Da 30 anni, Medialog pubblica software di gestione per professionisti di hotel e ristoranti. In un ambiente tecnologico in continua evoluzione, Medialog si è affermata rinnovandosi con soluzioni uniche, complete e sempre più innovative.
Il suo software user-friendly, intuitivo e facile da usare è in continua evoluzione, sviluppato in collaborazione con il cliente.

I nostri pacchetti software sono progettati per tutti i tipi di strutture, hotel, ristoranti, hotel e ristoranti, residence alberghieri.
I nostri obiettivi: accompagnare e consigliare, facilitare la vita quotidiana, aumentare la soddisfazione del cliente.
Flessibile, le soluzioni Medialog si adattano alle esigenze della tua azienda per fornire una risposta personalizzata ai tuoi problemi di gestione e permetterti di essere costantemente operativo.

L’esclusiva soluzione ibrida di Medialog offre sia l’apertura della nube che la stabilità locale. Questa tecnologia esclusiva garantisce l’utilizzo del nostro software da qualsiasi luogo e senza interruzioni, in qualsiasi circostanza. La sincronizzazione automatica consente la costante sicurezza dei dati e l’aggiornamento automatico di tutte le applicazioni.


Thais-Hotel is a PMS online. It is made to easily managed the reservations, the planning, the database, the bills, the cleaning and the check in/check out. You can easily use it from your hotel PC, smartphone or tablet. Works on Mac and Unix as well.


Chloë is easy to use, in one planning you can see the details of each reservations, enter new reservations and can personnalize the colours of the planning, according to seasons and events. Chloë is a complete, powerful and efficient solution


With over 1200 hotels in France and abroad using this PMS, including more than 200 hotels in Paris, Topsys has gradually become the “reference PMS” of independent hotels and franchised.


Incorporating the latest technology, Hostpms in hotel management software developed for Windows operating systems. Due to its modern interface and self-explanatory icons, the software is extremely easy to operate.


HOTTIMO is the global informatic solution for hotels, relays, resorts, luxury hotels and hotel chains. With its fully integrated modules is implemented together the best information technology facilities for single or chain.


SYSHOTEL GENIUS is the PMS of SYSDAT TOURISMO for any organizational need of the Hotel. Thanks to its modular structure can be “tailored” for each hotel dimension and customized for every operative need. The PMS is the best solution for each department: Reception, Restaurant, Bar, Housekeeper, Maintenance, Management, Sales, Marketing. It is integrated with Booking Engine, Business Intelligence, CRM, Rate Manager, Web check-in, Accounting and Inventory, Payroll and Personnel Management.


Green Software is a company dedicated to the development, implementation, training and support of software and information technology itself. Its primary objective is to provide a custom solution to each customer and gain their trust through deployments and maintenance.


AMOB is a French Hotel Software created in partnership with the Hyeres Tourism Office. Easy to use, very performant and economical, AMOB is an ideal product for both small and medium size hotel.


Advance your management. You are holding the answer to the needs of Front Office and Back Office management of your company. With simple processes and new technologies.


HOTELCUBE is the most modern management software, innovative and easy to use for the facilities of any size and complexity. Built around the Microsoft SQL Server database, using the development tools of Microsoft Enterprise to take advantage of the reliability, speed and intuitive user interface. The system is integrated with Microsoft Office 2007 or higher using the functionality of Outlook, Word and Excel.


HOTEL2000 Evolution is absolutely the most powerful and versatile software tool in the market, for the management of any modern reality of the hospitality industry, both small and large. The simplicity of the graphics and the immediacy of the answers, make the hotel 2000 software easy to learn and to use.


The complete software package for hoteliers to book rooms, restaurant tables, and manage the hotel, in a nutshell. Independently designed for small to medium size hotels, Resident Pro is professional, well established, software for hotels – highly customisable to your business.


Protel hotel management systems are cost-effective tools that enable central collecting, integrating and multiple utilizing of data, providing all areas of operation in the hotel with the needed information at the push of a button.


As a hotel industry provider, you know how hard it is to boost profits while giving customers a personalized guest experience. You need industry-specific solutions that provide you with what you need, when you need it-whether you work at a large global company, smaller chain, or independent hotel.


cqrHOTEL ERP Hotelero, potente PMS, módulos totalmente integrados en todas las funciones del Front y el Back Office, escalable, fácil, robusto, soporte técnico 24 x 7. Se adapta a las necesidades de su negocio. cqrHOTEL Hotelero ERP, PMS powerful, fully integrated into all functions of the Front and Back Office, scalable, easy, robust modules, support 24 x 7. It fits the needs of your business.


Perform Ip is your daily Revenue Management Tool/ software that will enable you to develop a Dynamic pricing strategy, increasing you daily income at low cost and in a very efficient way.
Our implementation process will be done by Revenue Managers, going to the extra mile until they make sure you are 100% confident with the tool. We also provide Training, premium assistance and consultancy.


Ericsoft offers Hotel Property Management Software and Restaurant POS systems to simplify your managerial activities Since 1995 we have been employing only professionals with strong computer skills and proven experience in the hotel industry. Our software solutions are designed to manage accommodation and dining facilities in cloud or on your server