5 Fehler mit dem Channel Manager, die Ihre Verkäufe bestrafen

Connecting to a channel manager is one of the best decisions a hotel facility can make. Even more, if it has many rooms that sell on more than two OTAs.

Yet although the advantages are many, 5 very common mistakes can reduce the benefit given by the channel manager. Which ones are they?

1- Not connecting to key portals

In addition to the 5 or 6 large OTAs that dominate the market, you should also consider using small local OTAs. In addition to being able to save a little on commissions, you could better intercept the most suitable type of customers for your structure. You must first identify the typical customers of your hotel, know the origin, age and preferences. Following this analysis, you will be able to better understand which channel to invest to intercept it.

2- Not completing the configuration

As soon as you connect to a channel manager, it is important to configure the restrictions for the following months (stop-sell, minimum stay, …). Leaving out this information, the channel manager will not be able to function properly and therefore you may miss reservations that you would have otherwise obtained. The RoomCloud team is at your disposal to help you set up the connection to all channels correctly.

3- Disregarding particular events in your area

If you know that there will be a big event in your area that will attract a lot of visitors, you should take action from your channel manager on the pricing strategy. You can easily update the rates of your rooms on all portals through a few simple clicks. This way, you won’t lose extra revenue due to oversights for manual updates.


4- Not taking advantage of your channel manager’s statistics

RoomCloud Channel Manager offers you the possibility to clearly and intuitively view the data obtained from your reservations. For example, you can analyze the origin of your guests based on the country or channel used. Which channel performs better and which worse? Where do your guests come from? This information is essential to define an effective sales strategy.

5- Not keeping an eye on your competitors

Travellers always compare the prices of different hotels in the destination of their interest. You should do the same. Being updated on the pricing policies of your competitors allows you to adapt your offer to that of the market. You will thus avoid losing reservations due to the excessive price or losing earnings due to the too low price. Through our price comparison tool, you will always be updated on competitor prices.

RoomCloud Channel Manager provides you with statistics to define targeted strategies and the support is at your disposal to configure and monitor the progress of your sales.

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