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New Payment Gateways connected to RoomCloud Booking Engine!

RoomCloud Booking Engine is now integrated with 4 new Payment Gateways.

The booking process on your website must be as simple and intuitive as possible. Especially in the final moment, that of payment, your customer must feel comfortable. And what is the secret for an optimal shopping experience? Giving the guest the opportunity to use the payment system they prefer.

In addition to the systems already connected, our Booking Engine is now integrated with the following payment methods:

1. Realex


The payment experience of a user can facilitate or stop a sale, especially on mobile devices. Realex Payments has developed a product to create an experience suitable for working perfectly on any device. Among the advantages offered:

  • Payment page fully customizable with your brand and mobile-friendly;
  • Intuitive keyboards that immediately adapt to numerical or alphabetic values;
  • A “pay now” button above the fold of the mobile phone screen;
  • A visibly secure payment page to instill trust in the user;
  • Possibility to pay by touching or taking a photo of your card (Safari only).

Countries in which they operate: Asia (India, Philippines, Australia, Macau, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Taiwan), Europe (Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Malta, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom), USA, Canada, Brazil.

2. Payzen


PayZen offers several solutions, at different prices, which imply a monthly subscription with a fixed number of transactions per month. Each additional transaction is charged at a fixed rate. The payment gateway does not take any commission on electronic transactions. The commission is taken from your bank and / or payment buyers.

Once the guest confirms the payment for the booking, the payment request is sent to the payment platform (PayZen) via HTTPS. The customer enters his card details on the PayZen secure payment page. The payment platform asks the merchant’s bank to guarantee the validity of the customer’s card (3D Secure authentication and authorization request). If the payment is refused, the customer is informed.

Countries in which they operate: France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, India.

3. Paycomet


Paycomet offers you all the credit and debit card payment solutions for your business.

The immediate advantage of using the Paycomet platform is to be able to quickly serve the customer and accept reservations without the need to enter personal bank details in every transaction.

Check-out in 1 click
Through the information shared between the structure and PAYCOMET, the customer’s shopping experience can be completed with a single click. Bank information must be entered only once; subsequently, purchases can be confirmed instantly.

4. Comercia


Founded in December 2010 by CaixaBank and Global Payments, Comercia Global Payments, Entidad de Pago S.L. maintains the objectives of both companies by offering the best and most complete payment management service to the largest number of customers and intermediaries to meet their needs with flexibility and adaptation.

Among the advantages offered, with Comercia Global Payments you can:

  • Keep your card details. Store card details securely in PCI-DSS v3.2 compliant environment to offer customers recurring one-click payments.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud. Minimize the risk of fraud with over 30 customizable fraud rules to block or suspend suspicious transactions, including 3D Secure.
  • Selling beyond borders. Your checkout will adapt to over 15 languages, along with Multicurrency and Dynamic Currency Conversion to reach new markets.
  • Accept multiple payments. Accept all major card types and alternative payment methods.
  • Check your transactions. Reconcile transactions, with the ability to easily search, cancel and refund your transactions through the easy-to-use reporting tool.

For any information on how to activate these payment methods, contact us at