For facilities that have to handle a large number of reservations at a time, it may be complicated and inefficient to have access to the various extranets of the channels on which the rooms are sold.

The new features of help properties manage a reservation allowing you to perform various operations directly on the RoomCloud Channel Manager.

The changes that can be monitored with this tool are:

  1. Report a credit card as invalid
  2. Cancel a reservation with invalid credit card details
  3. Manage No-Show by customers

How does it work?

1. Report a credit card as invalid

  • The hotel displays the credit card details on the PMS / CM

  • If the card is not valid, the hotel will report it by clicking on the Invalid Credit Card button in the Channel Manager

  • The customer receives an alert with the request to update the credit card details within 24 hours.
  • If you update your details correctly within 24 hours, the hotel will receive new details on the Channel Manager.

2.Cancel a reservation with invalid credit card details

  • If the customer DOES NOT update the data or update them but not correctly, the hotel can cancel the reservation after marking it as invalid by clicking the Reject Reservation button.

The hotel had to use the Extranet to cancel a reservation reported as invalid CC