RoomCloud ist Airbnb Preferred Software Partner!

RoomCloud NACHRICHTEN RoomCloud ist Airbnb Preferred Software Partner! The results of Airbnb evaluation are in! We’re excited to let you know that RoomCloud meets the criteria to be appointed as Preferred Software Partner! We've met the expectations in every area of review, including: Technical excellence; Ensuring that [...]

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New Payment Gateways connected to RoomCloud Booking Engine

RoomCloud NEWS New Payment Gateways connected to RoomCloud Booking Engine! RoomCloud Booking Engine is now integrated with 4 new Payment Gateways. The booking process on your website must be as simple and intuitive as possible. Especially in the final moment, that of payment, your customer must [...]

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Wir sind Premier Partner von für 2020!

RoomCloud NACHRICHTEN Wir sind Premier Partner von für 2020! Wir sind stolz zu verkünden, dass RoomCloud Premier Partner von für das Jahr 2020 ist! 2019 war ein arbeitsreiches und lohnendes Jahr. Wir haben mit zusammengearbeitet, um unseren Kunden einen noch umfassenderen und effizienteren [...]

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Mews PMS und RoomCloud bündeln ihre Kräfte

RoomCloud NACHRICHTEN Mews PMS und RoomCloud Channel Manager arbeiten zusammen, um Ihnen das Leben zu erleichtern! Managing your property is stressful and time-consuming? Updating all the information from OTAs to your PMS manually gets you tired? Mews Systems and RoomCloud have got you covered! The goal [...]

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Neue Messaging-Funktionen für Airbnb in RoomCloud

RoomCloud NACHRICHTEN Neue Messaging-Funktionen für Airbnb in RoomCloud Sie können den Messaging - Chat des Airbnb-Portals jetzt über das RoomCloud-Dashboard verwalten! Von nun an müssen Sie nicht mehr das Airbnb-Extranet aufrufen, um auf die Anfragen Ihrer Gäste zu antworten, sondern können direkt von Ihrem Channel-Manager aus [...]

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RoomCloud ist in Ryanair Rooms integriert!

RoomCloud NACHRICHTEN Roomcloud bietet eine 2-Wege-XML-Verbindung mit Ryanair Rooms! Ryanair is a name that doesn’t need any introduction. In 2018 139 millions people took off with the Irish airline in 37 states on 1.850 routes and they aim to reach 200 millions passengers annually by 2024. Ryanair [...]

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RoomCloud ist mit Smartbox integriert!

RoomCloud NACHRICHTEN RoomCloud ist in Smartbox integriert! Thanks to RoomCloud Channel Manager, a hotel owner will be able to enter into the network of 40,000 partners of the leading European brand in the gift experience sector. As stated on its website, "pioneer in the sector and number [...]

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Strong Customer Authentication

RoomCloud NACHRICHTEN Strong Customer Authentication Was ändert sich für die Hoteliers ab dem 14. September? On 14th September 2019, new rules for authenticating online payments will enter into force in Europe as according to the second Payment Services Directive or PSD2. The proposal dates back in 2015 [...]

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RoomCloud verwaltet Zahlungen über PayU

RoomCloud NACHRICHTEN RoomCloud Booking Engine unterstützt PayU-Zahlungen PayU is a leading financial services provider in growing markets. Their innovative technology has been developed internally and through strategic investments and partnerships. The system allows billions of people and millions of merchants to buy and sell online. This allows [...]

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Satispay wird jetzt von der RoomCloud Booking Engine unterstützt

RoomCloud NACHRICHTEN RoomCloud unterstützt jetzt Zahlungen mit der Satispay App! RoomCloud Booking Engine now supports payments via the Satispay App! The great advantage offered by the payment app is that, both for registration and for making transactions, it does not require any sensitive data. Satispay creates [...]

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