¿Distancia social y hoteles? Una solución con el conserje digital

One service that certainly gained value following the pandemic was the digital concierge.

We are fortunately emerging from the dark quarantine period, but the effects of Coronavirus have left evident signs in the hotel sector. At least for this summer.

The keywords will be automation, independence and attention to the customer. But above all, the rule of social distancing imposes new ways of organizing accommodations.

The solution of  Scrollidea Digital Concierge


Emilio Risi, general manager of Scrollidea, says that “it will be necessary for a hotel to become more ‘digital’ but in a thoughtful way and above all guided by the skills of professionals. The goal is to be able to guarantee the distance in the property while maintaining the quality of the reception service.

In the period ahead, it will be necessary for a hotel to integrate its channel manager with tools that help manage change. Some perhaps already used in the past, others to know, such as a digital concierge. The goal is to digitize the operations that can reduce the contact between guest and staff.

In addition to “a digitalized and interactive directory in which the guest can locate all the important information relating to his stay”, Scrollidea has “added ad hoc forms thanks to which the hotel can request the guest in advance of the time of arrival or check out and that of breakfast, lunch or dinner, in order to better organize the flows. We think, for example, of electronical orders at the restaurant. In this regard, we are also developing a tool for managing the digital menu “.

Each hotel has a unique situation, but some creative solutions can be adapted to the hotelier’s needs. For example, the addition of a pre check-in form, in order to streamline and speed up the phase at the reception. Apart from that, the replacement of the paper directory in the room with a panel equipped with a QR code to consult the digital concierge, or encourage you to use the system directly on your device.

The integration of RoomCloud Channel Manager and Booking Engine with Scrollidea Digital Concierge allows you to adapt to the rules imposed in this delicate moment, but which can become habits appreciated and requested also in the future.

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