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The Channel Manager, or distribution manager, is software that allows you to update rates, availability, inventory closures and other details relating to your property in real-time on online portals and on your website.

Besides OTAs (, Expedia, Airbnb, HRS, etc.), a channel manager also interfaces with GDS portals (Global Distribution System) and metasearch engines. Moreover, it also allows you to download bookings from online channels directly into your PMS.

In other words, with a channel manager, it is possible to manage all the interlocutors of your structure from a single dashboard. Whether your property is a hotel, a B&B or an apartment agency, this has several advantages.
Channel Manager

The advantages of the channel manager

  • It allows you to save time. Firstly, you can avoid accessing the various extranets of the connected channels (, Expedia, Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, HRS, Agoda and others) every time you need to update them.
  • It reduces the risk of overbooking. Secondly, thanks to the real-time update, you won’t run the risk of selling the same room or apartment many times.
  • It makes you receive more bookings. In addition, by managing all inventory from a single platform, you can open all your availability without limiting the number of units per portal.
  • It improves the visibility of your property. Finally, by using a channel manager, you no longer have to worry about selling your rooms or apartments to a “manageable” number of portals. You will thus have a wider online presence and you will be able to make your property known in new markets.

How to choose the right channel manager?

There are many channel managers on the market. In choosing the one that best suits your needs, you must keep in mind some essential characteristics:
  1. It must connect via XML or 2-way integration to the main online booking portals. Only in this way, it will be able to guarantee simultaneous and real-time synchronization of prices and availability. Discover here all the channels with which RoomCloud integrates in 2 ways.
  2. It must connect to the PMS and the Booking Engine of the property. To ensure efficient management, the CM needs to connect to the planning of the property. It is thus necessary to choose a CM already integrated with your PMS. Here you can find the list of PMS integrated with RoomCloud.
  3. It must provide clear and detailed statistical reports. Finally, the channel manager is a valuable source of data, as it collects all information from bookings received online. To be able to leverage this information in your sales strategy, you need to use a CM that presents it clearly. For instance, the new RoomCloud dashboard shows relevant data on your bookings at a glance.

Read this article in collaboration with the online portal Hotelminder to discover the 5 features to look for in a channel manager.

RoomCloud features

Hotelminder Top 10 Channel Manager

One login – No more multiple logins, RoomCloud lets you simultaneously update rates & availability online, saving you hours of time
PMS/CRS ready – Import and export reservation details with your PMS/CRS, full 2-way XML integration
Save time – Automate tasks and free up more time
Eliminate overbooking – Automatically close rooms on all websites when a room is sold
Maximize revenue – Built in revenue management system (RMS)
Auto rate increase – Set automatic price change rules depending on rooms quantity remaining
Smartphone updates – Update on the move to maximise your sales conversions, 1-click your way to higher web revenue, fast with 2-way XML hotel distribution
PCI Certified

Garrigae Domaine de l'Esterel

Excellent value for money. Many connections and helpful and friendly support service.

Garrigae Domaine de l'Esterel, Hotel in Saint-Raphaël (France)
Oxford Apartment

RoomCloud Channel Manager means saving time efficiently. We can update inventory and rates with one click.

Oxford Apartment, Apartments in Oxford (Great Britain)
La Striscia Wine Resort

They gave me the tools to understand how it works and were always happy to make sure everything was fine.

La Striscia Wine Resort, Resort in Arezzo (Italy)

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