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Channel manager for small properties? Yes and here is why

Do you need a channel manager for small properties? The owner of a B&B or farmhouse with a few rooms, or a few apartments, may have doubts on whether to use this program. And the question is more than legitimate.

The budget available for software is lower than in large hotels and people try to save where they can. Often the properties with a limited capacity are in fact managed by a few people, who find themselves doing many different jobs.

manager of a small property

Advantages of the channel manager for small properties

However, the channel manager for small properties is one of those indispensable tools where the investment certainly pays off the cost. Here is why.

  • It allows you to save time in managing online sales. In a small property run by a few people, every minute recovered and used in customer care can be invaluable. The channel manager automatically manages prices and availability on all the channels you sell your property on. So that you don’t have to.
  • Allows access to niche markets. Even smaller properties need OTAs, but you don’t have to think only of big names. On the contrary, thanks to a channel manager it is also possible to manage minor local channels. Perhaps those specialized in independent and original venues like yours.
  • Increase the chances of receiving bookings and avoid overbooking. Basically, it simplifies the two main aspects in the operational management of your allocation. Just the ones where you don’t want to make careless mistakes.

These are only the first advantages that a B&B, agritourism or apartment manager can get from the channel manager. To find out all the others, ask for a 30-day free trial of the RoomCloud Channel Manager. You will not be disappointed

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