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Advantages of Trivago as Metasearch

Trivago  is one of the largest and most advantages Metasearch hotels in the world. The goal of Trivago is to make it easier to find the ideal hotel, because the site compares prices and reviews of hotels all over the world.

In the case of Trivago, almost all hotels can be found, just need an account active on two or more OTA (Online Travel Agencies), and their system will identify the hotel and show the different prices. Moreover, thanks to this platform it is possible to increase the results in terms of sales and potential positive reviews.

How does a hotel to succeed on Trivago?

First of all we need to create an account with Trivago for the direct management of the structure (image, info, services). After that the hotelier can evaluate the activation of a campaign on this platform.

The structure to receive bookings directly on its website must have a certified Booking Engine, therefore that of a Trivago Partner, such as RoomCloud, one of the main Booking Engine and Channel Manager of the market.

Once the customer has registered and activated the certified Booking Engine, he will be able to concentrate on the campaign. The main advantage with Trivago is the freedom to choose the countries where they would like to increase sales.

Their campaigns are always “CPC”, ie cost per click, allowing a freedom in budget management in accordance with the needs and possibilities of each type of structure.

Another advantage of this type of campaign is the growth of direct traffic on the website of the structure: when a customer decides to book will see the various prices and if clicked on that offered by the hotel will be directed to the official site, so these Direct clicks increase the ranking of the structure on other search engines and therefore visibility.

The presence on Trivago can also translate into a better reputation, both thanks to the positive experience of browsing the user and obtaining a review that will remain accessible to other potential customers.

The different Metasearch must be correctly used, therefore it is not enough just to be present, it is necessary to put in place a successful sales strategy based on the correct price definition (cheaper than the OTA!), An adequate budget, markets in line with its customer target and some time to dedicate.

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