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How to improve your Airbnb Response Rate using RoomCloud

Response rate is one of the most important factors that determine success on Airbnb. That’s because it’s one of those elements that can help you boost your listings’ search placement. This will result in more exposure and higher visibility, which could increase the number of views of your listing. What’s more, quickly replying to your guests can make the difference between a confirmation or a missed reservation.

Response rate it’s the percentage of new guest inquiries you responded to within 24 hours in the past 30 days. So it basically measures how quickly you respond to guest inquiries.

If a guest sends you an enquiry via Contact Host, you’ll need to respond to the enquiry within 24 hours to keep your response rate level. The request could be a question or any kind of message other than a reservation request. If the guest sends you a reservation request, you’ll need to accept or decline within 24 hours to maintain your response rate.

What can you do to improve your response rate?

To improve response rate, you should take one of the following actions within 24 hours after receiving a message, whether an enquiry or reservation request:

  • Accept or decline requests for reservations
  • Pre-approve or decline requests for trips
  • Reply to new messages from guests

If you don’t reply within 24 hours, it will be counted as a late response and it will increase your response time. Response time is the average amount of time that you used to reply to all new messages in the past 30 days.

How can you improve response rate and increase your success?

There are 2 ways you can improve your response rate.

1. Use RoomCloud messaging services. With RoomCloud Channel Manager you can reply to your Airbnb guests directly from the dashboard. To access the dedicated section, just follow these steps from the main menu: PropertyAirbnb.comMessaging. Here you will find all the messages received and you’ll be able to reply. You can also attach photos of your property and easily send them to the guest.

2. You can use Airbnb direct tools and reply to guests from Airbnb extranet.

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