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Offer a unique experience to your guests with Guest Connexxion

We are very excited to announce a new partnership between RoomCloud and GuestConnexxion. The development work started only a few weeks ago and the integration between RoomCloud and the all-in-one guest messaging platform is now ready for hoteliers.

What does this integration mean for hoteliers?

This new partnership enables hoteliers to offer a great guest experience, from right after the booking to the day of departure. Most often hoteliers only send their guests a booking confirmation and guests have to wait only till right before or even during arrival for the hotel to get in touch again. However, GuestConnexxion enables hoteliers to be in touch with their guests throughout the complete guest journey.
Silvia Gualano, Marketing Director for RoomCloud, knows that hoteliers can use the window between the booking and the arrival as an opportunity. It’s a useful way to make their guests feel welcome and promote last-minute deals, such as upgrades. But, even more important nowadays, is to keep your guests informed. Especially about the ever-changing Covid situation and possible impacts on their stay.
Silvia: “Your guests will surely appreciate that level of service, especially in these times. This provides them with a clear picture of what to expect once they arrive.”
Robin Bunnik, co-founder of Guest Connexxion totally agrees. “Without technology, it is impossible to get in touch with your guests via their preferred means of communication. The integration with RoomCloud enables hoteliers to communicate with their guests through the most popular channels. For example WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.” 
Guest Connexxion partners
What’s even more impressive, is that the hotelier doesn’t have to do a single thing extra, thanks to the API of RoomCloud. Thanks to the integration, Guest Connexxion is able to pick up contact- and reservation details of the guests who made a booking via third-party channels. This ensures that hoteliers receive all guest messages, from all the different communication channels, in their omnichannel Guest Connexxion inbox. Hoteliers can even schedule different types of outbound messages, which are targeted messages that are automatically sent to all people who will arrive, who are in-house or who are getting ready for their departure.

Who is Guest Connexxion?

Guest Connexxion is an all-in-one guest messaging platform. Hoteliers can manage all communication with their guests from one single dashboard. Guest Connexxion enables hoteliers to improve the guest experience, increase productivity and boost revenue. All this by communicating with their guests in their preferred channels of communication. Get in touch with GuestConnexxion here to find out more!

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