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Mobipaid is now supported by RoomCloud Booking Engine

RoomCloud Booking Engine now offers the possibility to receive payments through the payment gateway Mobipaid.

You can now reach your customers directly on their mobile devices. Send a personalized payment request message that includes an instant payment option. The payment gateway inables you to effectively deliver payment requests to your customers using text messaging (SMS), picture messaging (MMS), email and even social media.  As a result, your customers do not need to download an app or register. They can pay you anywhere, anytime.

Mobipaid provides cloud-based infrastructure for online card transactions and supports the most popular card networks including Paypal. Furthermore, it offers multiple bill collection channels for your business including PaybyLink (SMS/Email), Ecommerce, Point of Sale (Virtual Terminal & QR codes) and Social Media (QR). Finally, the solution supports instant confirmations to customer and merchant. Each registered cardholder has access to an e-wallet from which pre-saved cards can be accessed using a PIN.

How Mobipaid works

Send a personalized payment request to your customer’s mobile number or email address. Your customer receives the payment request on her personal device. The message will include a direct link to the payment page. Your customer enters her card information, submits the payment and instantly receives a payment receipt. At the same time, you instantly know when your payment request has been paid.

You can also include a digital invoice in the personalized payment request you send to your customer’s mobile number or email address. After payment the customer instantly receives a payment receipt.

To connect RoomCloud Booking Engine with Mobipaid contact us at