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RoomCloud now supports payments with the Satispay App!

RoomCloud Booking Engine now supports payments via the Satispay App!

Satispay is a payment system independent of credit and debit cards. The platform can be used by anyone, with any bank account and accepted by merchants with any type of device.


Thanks to the efficiency of the payment network, the mobile payment platform can offer merchants attractive and transparent rates. In fact, for operators participating in the service there are no activation costs or monthly fees. The only request is a commission of 0.5% for transactions of less than € 10 and 0.5% + € 0.20 for transactions over € 10.


Due to the competitiveness of its rates and the simplicity of use, Satispay was immediately recognized as an effective response to a concrete need. This has led to an increasingly important spontaneous diffusion between private users and merchants. In addition, the getaway actively contributes to the reduction of management costs for companies. With the new user experience, which allows payment by scanning QR codes, it is possible to increase the conversion rate of the user and decrease the cart abandonment rate.
Satispay is in effect an omnichannel payment system. In addition to managing transactions between private individuals and physical stores, the payment platform also manages online transactions. In fact, payment getaway offers plugins for the major e-commerce platforms, integrations with PSP and technical documentation for API integration. Moreover, with extensions for secure and cheap payments from the app it also allows the management of recurring payments.

Types of payments

The Italian payment system is the first tool that can be used daily for money management. From shopping in stores, to exchanging money with friends, to paying for services and savings. Once registered and set the prepaid sum that you want to have on Satispay, you can:

  1. Pay at participating physical and online merchants
  2. Exchange money with your phone book contacts
  3. Make telephone top-ups
  4. Pay the bills, the services of the Public Administration pagoPA and the car and motorcycle insurance
  5. Donate to non-profit organizations
  6. Automatically accumulate small amounts of money thanks to the Savings feature

To start accepting payments with the App, simply register your company with the Satispay Business service via the following link:

Daily collections are paid, in a single transaction, to the indicated bank account. The amounts must be recorded for accounting purposes by issuing the receipt or invoice.
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How to receive payments

The payment process will follow the following steps:

  • The customer purchases the room / apartment from the Booking Engine by selecting the Satispay payment method
  • He will be asked by the system to insert his mobile number (on which he has downloaded the Satispay App)
  • Once the phone number has been entered, a request will arrive on the App confirming the amount to be paid
  • If correct, the guest will confirm the amount to be paid. The transaction will take place directly from the App
  • The hotelier will receive payment on his Satispay Business account
  • The amount will then be credited to the associated real account

For any information on how to activate this payment method, contact us at