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What’s new in Hotelbeds?

Renewal is in the air at Hotelbeds. The Spanish based Bedbank has recently been reaching out to its partners to explain more about its offering following the integration of Tourico Holidays. But what is it all about?

The great growth of the portal in recent years was due to the ability of the company to propose itself as an ally of the hotel. Each accommodation would like to be able to acquire its customers always directly, but this is obviously not possible. Another problem is that the clients acquired through OTAs are often customers that could be reached directly. For this reason, hotels may need to pay high communication costs to compete with online travel agencies.

Hotelbeds offers hoteliers an alternative to OTAs, guaranteeing the property distribution through 4 “non-competitive” channels:

  1. Tour operators
  2. Travel agencies
  3. Airline companies
  4. Loyalty, employee and points plans

Thanks to this connections, the hotel can increase its occupancy by taking advantage of access to over 3,500 tour operators, 40 airlines, 50,000 travel agencies and loyalty programs reserved for members. It will thus be possible to reach new value end consumers, which would not be achievable through direct sales.

As you can imagine, the B2B environment is very fragmented and opaque and Hotelbeds offers the hotel a privileged access.

The Mallorcan company has chosen to restructure and reorganize its Sales and Marketing teams in order to more effectively manage the sale and communication of the distribution on the aforementioned channels.

The new brand identity

Finally, Hotelbeds announced the unification of the companies belonging to the Group (Hotelbeds, GTA and Tourico Holidays) into a single company, so that gradually all hotel contracts will be unified under the same umbrella. The company launched a bold and refreshed brand identity under which they are combining the operations of Hotelbeds, GTA and Tourico Holidays. This announcement forms part of their clear strategy and roadmap to combine these top three leading players into one company. The aim is to redefine the travel distribution landscape for the benefit of their partners.

RoomCloud Channel Manager offers the connection with Hotelbeds and to the exclusive channels integrated with the portal.

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