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Mews PMS and RoomCloud Channel Manager join forces to make your life easier!

Managing your property is stressful and time-consuming? Updating all the information from OTAs to your PMS manually gets you tired? Mews Systems and RoomCloud have got you covered!

The goal of the integration

Thanks to the integration between the two systems, you will be able to better manage your property’s operations and transform your guest experience.
RoomCloud and Mews PMS have worked on a seamless integration with this goal. On one side, the property will use an intuitive and easy to use platform to manage the internal operations. On the other side, the connection with RoomCloud Channel Manager will allow the host to easily manage from one dashboard all the portals on which he sells his rooms. The distribution manager integrates with more than 500 OTAs. From the big to the local one, is the perfect tool to avoid overbookings.

But we think that the best outcome of this advantageous partnership is extra-time! Both the property owner and his staff will see the workload reduced and will have more time to dedicate to guests. After all, hospitality is about being hospitable! You can’t properly welcome your guests if reception tasks overwhelm you.

The cloud factor

Another big advantage of the Mews – RoomCloud collaboration, is that both systems work in cloud. That means that the hotelier can check what’s happening in their property and the performance on online channels anywhere and anytime.

Not only for hotels…

Born as a hotel software, RoomCloud has recently been following the stream of the hospitality sector. This means offering and adapting its products to the vacation rentals market too. Whether you are a big hotel or a property manager, the combination of Mews PMS and RoomCloud Channel Manager is the right solution for you.

RoomCloud story

RoomCloud system was born in 2009 with the name ParityRate and it was one of the first Channel Managers in the Italian market.

In the years RoomCloud expanded in more than 50 countries all over the world. The company is now one of the main providers in Italy, France, Spain and Latin America. RoomCloud now counts more that 6.000 clients, it collaborates with more than 150 partners and resellers and boasts a connection with more than 500 online channels.

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