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New Messaging features for Airnbnb on RoomCloud

Properties can now manage the Messaging chat of Airbnb portal from RoomCloud dashboard! From now on, there will be no need to enter Airbnb extranet to answer to your guests’ requests, but you will be able to reply directly from your Channel Manager.

The advantages of this new feature are many:

  • All messages are visibile in the chat history
  • No risk for your messages to end up in SPAM
  • Easily manage all your chats thanks to the division based on the booking number
  • You don’t need to log to your Airbnb account to check your inbox and to answer
  • Improve your performance on Airbnb with a faster response time

How to activate the Messaging feature for Airbnb

If you want to start using the Messaging feature, you need to give RoomCloud the access. To do so, follow these quick steps:

  1. Open a ticket with RoomCloud support team to request the activation of the Messaging feature for Airbnb
  2. After our support team will have activated the feature, open RoomCloud dashboard – PropertyAirbnb.comMessaging

    3. If the feature has not been activated yet, you will see this orange box

4. After the Messaging will be activated, you can start managing all the messages from Airbnb guests on RoomCloud portal

Please note

  • If you have more than one Airbnb account associated with RoomCloud, repeat this process for every property.
  • Only NEW messages are imported from Airbnb.
  • Please make sure to give RoomCloud access to the Messaging feature. It is NOT enough to have established a two way connection with Airbnb.

For any information on how to activate the Messaging feature for Airbnb, contact us at