Manage your reviews at best from RoomCloud portal

Customer reviews are essential: they help you understand how their stay went and what your strengths and weaknesses are. They are also important for performance, because higher scoring structures tend to receive more bookings.

Now you can manage what guests say about you from RoomCloud portal.

What are the benefits?

● Save time. No more access to external extranets and you have everything on one platform.
● Improve your online reputation. Responding to comments helps you reassure your future guests.
● Understand more than customer experience. You can monitor the reviews and filter them for data.
● Earn more. A higher score often translates into more bookings.

And if you work with more structures, you also have other advantages!
You can:
● View reviews of various structures on one page.
● Keep track of aggregate points compared to a group of structures.
● Respond to comments of different structures from a single platform.

To test this new opportunity live, just log in to the RoomCloud portal homepage!