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Eliminate waiting at check-in with Sesame Technology

SESAME Technology provides innovative self check-in solutions for hotels around the world. The French company enables implementation, management and optimization of Mobile Key technology. It also reduces associated costs while ensuring performance.
Thanks to the integration with RoomCloud software, hoteliers can now offer their clients the possibility to avoid long waitings at the check-in. However, they will also be able to keep their doors and locks unchanged.
But this is not the only advantage of self check-in. Another big pro, for both the host and the guest, is that they won’t have to respect a fixed timetable. The keys are infact always available online. That means that there is no need for a person dedicated at the reception and that the client can arrive and leave when he prefers.

How will the integration work?

RoomCloud sends Sesame the details of the client reservation. The host contacts the customer via e-mail or text message, redirecting him to the web page with the registration form. All the fields present in a hotel cardex are detected and digitized, the passport is uploaded and the client signs using his fingertips. In the same email the customer finds a QR code that acts as a key to access his room. Finally, the number of the room is sent to the customer the day of the arrival.
In this way, he will head over to his room with nothing to think about but enjoying his stay.

About Sesame Technology:

Sesame Technology is a new generation access control builder. It secures all types of access and simplifies key management for self check-in. Sesame Technology has developed access control designs and customizable, combining all available technologies NFC, RFID, BLE, QR CODE, WIFI 3G, 4G. Thanks to these IoTs access management has never been so precise, centralized and accessible from any access point on the planet.

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