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5 trends in the future of hospitality

The hospitality sector was overwhelmed by the Coronavirus tsunami, which confirmed some trends expected for the next few years and influenced new ones.
Here are 5 hotel industry trends for the coming months according to RoomCloud Channel Manager:

1. Smart hotels

From access to streaming accounts to room key on your smartphone, essential hotel services are becoming more and more digital. The technology helps to limit physical contact between staff and guests, now a requirement in the post-COVID era. Many of these innovations require only minimal changes to a modern bedroom. A forward-thinking hotelier can implement them quickly and efficiently. Some examples of features for a “smart” room are: wireless charging for devices, tablet control (to view restaurant hours, room service menus, spa services and area recommendations), voice activation, keyless access and Smart TV.

2. Bleisure

Bleisure is a term used to describe travel that combines elements of both business (business) and pleasure (leisure). It usually consists of the stay of business travelers who extend the duration of their corporate trip to enjoy the activities of the area in their free time. After months of lockdown and a limited and difficult return to travel for many workers, Bleisure stays will be an opportunity for both guests and hoteliers. The former will be able to enjoy a holiday partially reimbursed by the company, the owners will be able to increase the length of their stay and work on upselling.

3. Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual reality (VR) is not only a fun marketing feature, it also offers endless possibilities. For example, hoteliers can use virtual reality to show their customers local tourist attractions.

Augmented reality (AR), on the other hand, uses digital tools to offer an interactive experience based on reality. Through augmented reality, images and information on the surrounding environment such as the hall or the rooms are projected. In this case, there is no need to use a viewer as in virtual reality, but the guest’s phone or tablet is enough.

4. Roadtrips

It has been observed in the months of July and August that many travelers have preferred to opt for car trips not too far from home. This is because of the feeling of insecurity still associated with flights and airports. Plus, people are likely to give up on luxury getaways until their finances improve. If your property allows it, make sure you’re ready to welcome road travelers with ample parking and 24-hour reception.

5. Sustainability

According to’s Sustainable Travel Report for 2020, 82% of global travelers identified sustainable travel as important. 58% said they want to make more sustainable choices once they return to travel. The lockdown helped us see how traveling less can help the environment. Tourists will therefore be more aware of future travel choices. For example, they will favor properties that have integrated ecological practices in all aspects of their business, perhaps by booking from OTAs specialized in the sector.

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